I am back… for MORE… and for sure… the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 ~~

Hey folks, I am finally back !!! This morning in fact at 6am, touching down hometown slightly earlier than anticipated ! First time I ever had an almost half an hour earlier flight arrival !!

Just a short one before I head down for the Panasonic cooking workshop this afternoon… As you probably would have known, I shared abit on FB whilst I was travelling…. and you can imagine my excitement when I saw those emails coming in…. especially when I had very limited access to the Internet during this trip… my excitement just couldn’t be contained much longer ! Hahaha..

I am actually being nominated for 2 awards for the upcoming Singapore Blog Awards 2013 !

sba-2013-cooking sba-2013-food

And of course while both awards have been most encouraging, I seriously doubt I will win any ? Not trying to belittle myself or anything, but somehow I feel I have been such a mediocre person the entire life, that such awards are probably not meant for me.

^-^ But nevertheless, I see that the nominations have been a great source of encouragement to me, prompting me to just want to blog, cook, bake and definitely eat more (of course weight control, please !!!). And for sure, some of the challenges tie to these nominations really drilled me hard (You might want to stay in tuned for more blog updates for mine responses to these challenges yeah !!).

Then there comes the fun part where everyone gets to participate as well ~~~

The voting !! Join in the fun by casting a vote here to anyone that you think most worth deserves your vote, though I genuinely hopes that you can do one for me instead.. Hehee..

Here’s it :

Voting for the Best Food Blog :


And Voting for the Panasonic Best Cooking Blog :


More updates coming the way…. stay tuned !!!



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