Feast Like a King @ The King Louis Grill & Bar

Father’s Day is just round the corner. Have you had any plans for the beloved Dad already ? Not sure about you guys, but to me, the role of Dad has often been perceived as the most superior in a family. I often described Dad as the “black face majesty” though. However, behind that solemn front, there ‘s always a touchable heart, a care taker, a directional guidance, and most importantly, a pillar who lifts up the family with his utmost support. A Dad is almost comparable to a King who manages his officers and people. And with such a mandate, what can be better than giving Dad, the King’s treatment he so deserves on this special day ?

Well, here’s a suggestion ~ enabling him to feast like a King is what you gonna need !!

As the name suggests, The King Louis Grill & Bar serves a generous portion of grilled meats and seafood good enough to feed the kings of all generations ! And I am pretty confident that even the king’s mandates will be pleased with the extra large servings !

queen banquet1
The Queen Victoria 4-5pax (Meat & Seafood) (Roasted beef with black pepper sauce, Premium BBQ baby back ribs, Pan Seared snapper with wasabi mayo sauce, Oven Baked King Prawns with melted Australian cheese, Saut eed scallop with garlic & wine sauce) – $166.50

Most of us were cheese lovers, so we couldn’t really contain our excitement when we noticed the abundance of baked cheese from the king prawns. We zoomed right into that for a start. Talking about hungry devours ! Yes, we are and we couldn’t care less !! We reckon that other outlets rarely serve such generous serving of baked cheese and The King Louis has set a good standard to begin with. ^-^

queen banquet3

As the saying goes, a hungry man is an angry man. So what can be more important than satisfying the King with his king size meats ? Premium ribs are baked using King Louis’ special marinated sauce. Beefs are grilled to a good standard with moisture well retained for a juicy succulent taste. And well, you might think it seems all too heavy a meaty-meal, despite it’s for a king’s appetite ? Fear not !! Beneath those huge chunks of meat are layers of beans, brocolis, fruits and vegetables to strike a perfect balance ! Notice the sticks on stands, granny smith green apples are the way to neutralise a hearty meal !

queen banquet2

Considering that the King probably gonna bring his entire family kingdom for a feast, here’s a surely meal for the petite Queen and princesses.

Teriyaki Chicken Salad (Fresh garden salad, grilled chicken breast meat topped with teriyaki sauce and parmesan cheese) – $13.80

Not forgetting the little kiddos as well, snackers are just timely for them. As signatures of the store, the banana bacon bites are essentially bacons grilled to a right crisp and wrapped with bananas for that delectable sweet and saltish combi.

Platter C (Castle drumlets, banana bacon bites, golden calamari, prawn twisters & crispy wedges) – $21.90

And yes, highly recommended is the signature mushroom soup, the best seller of all times. The velvety texture with real mushroom bits is indeed fit for a king. Even one of the princesses is craving for it on the following day. So you can imagine the wholesome goodness in it.

mushroom soup
Signature Mushroom Soup – $8.90

For a different variation, we had the Pumpkin soup as well. Something noticeable is that the soups from The King Louis have a common velvety texture which suggests that real ingredients are being pureed into forming the thickness instead of adding some thickening agent which are way too unhealthy.

pumpkin soup
Pumpkin Soup – $7.90

A very random addition which was unexpectedly GOOD ! Crisp fries that stays its crunch despite turning cold. Dip it in the all-time favourite cheese sauce and it’s all yours truly !!

Cheesy Fries – $9.90

If you have a soft spot for cocktails, do make a dive for the Sex on the Boardwalk !  We love the sourish-sweet taste that enhances the tastebuds with every sip.

Sex on the Boardwalk -$13.00
Something Special – $12.00

There’s always room for the last, no matter how filling we might just be. Well, I guess it’s always that special compartment in a princess’s tummy that is constantly in reservation for the final playoff, the desserts.

Chocolate Macadamia with Ice cream – $7.90

It’s one of the princess’ birthday, thereby the candle ! And if you just need, the band at The King Louis will be more than happy to present you with a birthday song or any dedicated song of your wish, for live !


The King Louis has always been popular with families and kids and has been renowned as a family restaurant ever since the start and has been awarded as the ‘Best Family Restaurant’ by Parents World too !


The windows seating provides a bird-eye view of the sea and nearby RWS. And if you are there during the weekends, you might just be able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful fireworks display right at the backdrop of a breath-taking seaview scenery.




So if you have not had any plans for a “kingly” Father’s Day meal, do consider heading to The King Louis Grill & Bar and fuelled your king’s ferocious appetite with a sumptuous Father’s Day Banquet today !!


The King Louis Grill & Bar is located at :shop3
1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity, #03-07A, S098585 (Beside Daiso) 
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thekinglouis
Instagram: thekinglouissg
Website: http://www.thekinglouis.com/

Last but not least, we have a little give-away for all ! Dining vouchers at the below denominations from The King Louis Grill & Bar, 7 prizes to go in all !!

5 sets ~ $50 dining voucher each

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Easy peasy, isn’t it ? The give-away will ends on 20 June 2013, Results will be posted on EWT Facebook’s page on 21 June 2013. So do keep a look-out if you have participated !!

A big thanks to Danielle of the Quantum Group for the invitation and warm hospitality !!


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