Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® Serves Up Breakfast Specials to Brighten Up Every Morning !

Well, well.. so what’s more comforting than waking up to a delectable breakfast special on a prime morning ? Beanstro by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® is proud to unveil a series of appetizing breakfast specials that not only serve to tantalize your taste buds with new refreshing treats but also to gear yourself up for the hustle and bustle of everyday lives.

Renowned for its enticing family breakfast classics, the new creations have been thoroughly considered, both in the culinary and nutritional value in its new breakfast design. With the rich combination of fresh greens and poached eggs, the breakfast specials are served on a variation of beef or salmon.

Of course, with a comforting full-fledged table service and dim cosy ambience, each and everyone of us is made to feel right at home. Enhanced with delectable breakfast delights, what’s more desirable than embedding yourself in the most important meal of the day to kick start a fantastic morning.

Beanstro at Takashimaya Shopping Centre

The Egg Beef Patty is quick to impress meaty appetites. Served on an ensemble of two poached eggs on two slices of crispy toasts and fresh tomatoes and greens, it serves to satisfy every voracious craving with a fulfilling contentment.

The Egg Beef Patty

The Egg Royale extends the sweet freshness of rolled-up salmon slices in tweaking your taste-buds to a new depth of flavor and works well in crafting your culinary needs to a healthy level. Served to delight anyone who is looking into a well-balanced diet with a wholesome indulgence.

The Egg Royale


The Egg Florentine caters to anyone who is looking forward to an eggy-licious appetite. Made rich with flavors from slices of breakfast ham, they provide urban taste buds with a good and filling meal that keeps you well satisfied for the entire day.

The Egg Florentine

The Egg Salmon & Asparagus offering is bound to refresh your appetite with some additional greens from the bite-size asparagus. Thoughtfully teamed with salmon, it added an extra zest to the combination. An unpretentious and comforting breakfast choice that  sets itself ready to win you over.

Salmon Asparagus
The Egg Salmon & Asparagus

Likewise to the Egg Beef Patty, all sets are teamed with an ensemble of two poached eggs served on two slices of crispy toasts and fresh tomatoes and greens. So rest assured that your breakfast meals will be made complete with a proportional and yet fulfiilling diet.

Complete your meal with an ultimate signature drink from the Coffee Bean and you would be all prime out in meeting the challenges for the rest of the day.

Ultimate Vanilla Ice Blended

Feeling too spoilt for choices ? Well, here’s  my personal recommendation ~ The Egg Beef Patty is the one to go. The minced beef has a succulent taste that sets well with the crisp toasts. The beef portions aren’t too heavy to begin with and compiled with a decent seasoning and abundance greens, it stands out among the rest. Almost with the burger feel I would think, but much less the heartiness and substantial calories, so for the ladies who are craving for the meats and yet diet-conscious, fret not about putting on that extra pounds !

The Egg Beef Patty


Beanstro was introduced in Singapore as a “new leaf’ to the heritage  The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® in 2010 and has been heartily embraced as an American-concept dining destination with an appetizing array of offerings, relaxing ambience and table service.  The first Beanstro opened in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore in 2009. In Singapore, there are currently two locations under the Beanstro brand – Marina Bay Sands and Takashimaya S.C.

So if you are still scratching your heads off on where to head to for a breakfast meal, do drop by Beanstro for a scrumptious indulgence !

Beanstro’s Breakfast Special is exclusively available at the Beanstro outlet at Takashimaya S.C, #B1-37, only from 6 May to 31 July 2013, at $13.00 for the Egg Beef Patty, $12.50 for the Egg Florentine, $14.00 for the Egg Salmon & Asparagus, and $13.50 for the Egg Royale. All prices are subject to 10% service charge and prevailing government taxes. 

Do hurry since they are available only on a very limited period basis !!

collage1Thank you Herbert of The Right Spin Pte Ltd and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® for extending the invitation to me !!



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