A supposedly Macademia Pound Cake with perhaps too much mishaps !

As the title mentioned, a supposedly pound cake ~ but where’s the volcanic dome and the pretty slit that lies across the cake ??

Here’s it…. I was chatting with fellow baker, Cathy of Cathy’s Joy on Facebook when I asked her for suggestions on what to bake, since I planned to go Mama’s house on Saturday.. and Friday night baking is a good idea to begin with by letting the cake to cool overnight while bringing it relatively fresh over to her the following day.

We concluded with butter or rather pound cake since whatever I had for baking are generally, as you all know.. ingredients for cookies only. Then again, Cathy suggested soaking the mixed fruits in some fruit brandy which need to be left overnight which means I can only start baking the next day. So idea forsaken, try harder.

How about chocolate chips which I had, especially in abundance ? ~ Oh… the old folks don’t fancy chocolate of any sorts… Forget it then. In the end, I settle for Macademia nuts since they are accepted by the “general public” ~~

Towards the process, I realised I ran out of milk which I needed a good 50ml. I thought evaporated milk can do the trick since they are all of milk based and was further given the reassurance by Cathy. Hahaha… and guess what ?? The half can of evaporated milk lying in the fridge has spoilt !! No juice available either…. only left a small bit of condensed milk which I had salvaged from mama’s place for an earlier plan to make a kueh lapis. Only 30ml of it left too. Then I gotten some warm water to mix with the condensed milk to make up to the full requirement. *Fingers crossed* Hope everything will work out fine.

As  I went on to prepare the dry ingredients, another mishap !! I totally ran out of baking powder !!! Maybe I shouldn’t, but I substituted it with baking soda nevertheless. Now even the toes have to be crossed ~ please allow the cake to be edible…

Seriously, I didn’t realise the previous sale of cookies at the flea had used up much of my essential baking ingredients. Butter was just right enough for the cake, flour and sugar ran low after this.

As expected… my supposedly pound cake becomes a flat butter cake ~~


Other than the non existent dome, the cake was pretty much a serious looking butter cake. My favourite nuts add a crunchy hinge to the otherwise soft buttery texture. *Heaved a heavy sign of relief*


Oh, I realised I should have kept a few more pieces for myself to devour on instead of giving them all to mama. The craving for it came the following day. Should I make this again ?


Ok, I will !! But in the meantime, I gotta clear out all the going-to-expire stuffs first before they are being sinfully dumped again. :(

I am in need of a luxurious high tea break with an exquisite spa retreat and more holidays fiesta. Are you craving for it too ? ^-^


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