A Frothy Revolution with Trio of Tea Cappuccinos from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Today is the day !

Kicking off the company’s 50th anniversary this year, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will be introducing Tea Cappuccinos at all its outlets beginning from 8 April 2013 to 25th April 2013 !

And you may ask, what are these Tea Cappuccinos exactly ? ~ Well, they are freshly brewed tea concoctions layered with silky milk foam and drizzled with delicious vanilla bean sauce ! Sounds too tempting for words ?

What’s more, they are available in three charming flavours, Chai, Scottish Breakfast and Anniversay Blend Tea.

CBTL - Trio Concoctions copy

Attractively priced at $6.00 for each of these flavours, customers can choose from the tasty Scottish Breakfast to perk up a dull morning blue…..(yes, I need that !! Especially since it’s a Monday !!!)

CBTL - Scottish Breakfast Tea Cappuccino copy

The soothingly spicy Chai to relax yourself for the day…..

CBTL - Chai Tea Cappuccino copy

And last but not least, the Anniversary Blend Tea which combines white, green, oolong and black premium tea infused with all natural Acai Berry to take in a long heritage of tea drinking in a sip.

CBTL - Anniversary Blend Tea Cappuccino copy

In creating a mini revolution with these new Tea Cappuccinos, the passionate innovator of delectable beverages aims to strike a perfect balance of boldness in flavor and lightness in body, with each cup offering a whole new experience that kept you relaxed yet rejuvenated to keep up with the bustle of life.

To literate on what’s mentioned earlier, this offer is available only on a very limited period of 8 weeks, so make your move fast and head on to all Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlets for these lovely new tastes from today onwards. Exclusively available at :

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf ® (CBTL) Logo copy

Thank you Gerlisa from The Right Spin !


  1. Enjoy your drinks! =] Happy Monday!

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