Beijing Story – Part II

It’s been a good 3 months since I came back from the previous trip and I still have not finished posting all the pictures, my goodness. What have I been doing ?! Anyway, the recollection from the Beijing trip has not quite diminished yet, so I had better quickly upload all the pictures before I start losing the memories.

Following on where we left off in Part I story, we visited the store where 100% full silk bedsheet sets are sold. An apparent tourist place, isn’t it ? We were given an introduction to how silk is evolved before being led to the “selling area”, where crowds of people gathered.



The ancient Emperor’s robe made of 100% silk as well on display.



The silkworm cocoon looks kinda scary to me. I guess not only these, but any slimy wormy creatures just creeps me off totally.




The end product ! I am not someone quite  ‘soft on the ears’ and seldom patronise such touristy sale, however, we bought a bedsheet set here at an exhorbitant price which quite caught me by surprise too. And kinda regret thereafter ? Hahaha ! I told myself I would stop all bedsheets purchase for at least the next one year.

So what’s Beijing without the Great Wall ?


I used to hear that if you manage to climb up the Great Wall, you would receive a certificate of accomplishment or something like that. Well, nowdays there isn’t such a need. You could easily purchase the certificate at their counters. Kinda fictitious and getting commercialised yeah.




We only managed to cover 3 sections of the spiral staircase by foot and already caught us panting like mad. The downslope was tougher than the upslope because of its steepness and slippery condition due to the wet snow and we had to constantly cling onto the side railing for support.


DSC_0692As the name implies, the Great Wall covers an extensive area and some of the areas are already beyond reachable due to wear and tear.

Bright and sunny ? Don’t be deceive. Freaking cold like mad ! The heat from the sun doesn’t help to eliminate the coldness in anyway.





DSC_0706Marriage locks !!! To me, it could represent both sides. On a good note, everlasting love locked ! On the bad side, being locked up to the perils of a marriage ! Whichever it is, just take it as customary myth for the fun of it.




Do you called this vandalism or graffiti ? Hahaha. Declaration of love engraved.


DSC_0714A little temple-structured shelter at the top of the hill. Beyond reachable too. So what’s the purpose then ?


DSC_0715Pray hard for falling snow… but else, much to our disappointment, we only seen fallen snow during the entire trip.


DSC_0723Hmm.. I couldn’t quite read the words, can you ?

DSC_0724Doesn’t this look like those small towns in those ancient films ? I seem to have travelled through time to the ancient Chinese dynasty generation and seeing them in real life experience surpasses all those that you have seen in shows and movies.

DSC_0720Stay tuned for Part III of Beijing Story soon !!

And as I am planning for the next trip already, I hope I can accomplish the entire Beijing Story before I embark on my next journey ! Keep coming back for more stories, won’t you !! ^-^

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