An Impromptu Break with Home-made Bacon and Mushroom Quiche and Carbonara

Heeyo peeps, has everyone had a good week ? I did ! Though my colleagues say I look depressed most of the times, but that happens only when I am at work !!… Heeehee. After work hours is always splendid with shopping, shopping and shopping… for more baking stuffs….well, just for this week yeah.

Anyway I gotten so tired over work that I took an impromptu half day leave during the week. And I must say, even though its just for a mere 5 hours of break, the results is amazing. I manage to grab a good deal at Tangs Bakeware Sale, enjoyed a full hour of massage at a classy spa at just 30 bucks on a credit card promotion, and colour my hair golden brown on a sudden impulse. But no regrets so far, so I am chippy as a happy bird.

Talking about the good deal, look at this !

Bakeware enthusiats should be able to reconcile with me. Tangs had a 20% discount for all Nordic cast iron bakeware, plus an additional 12% rebate for Citibank card members ! Look at the whopping price tag… before discount ! Been wanting to get this heritage rose design for a long time because of its beautiful deep imprints. The sale just got me too tempted to resist and I save a good $18 !

The oven is hard at work recently ! Hahaha. I manage to chune out a Bacon and Mushroom Quiche, and with the balance of the ingredients, I made myself a similar Carbonara ! All ingredients fully utilised without wastage, best of all times.

Anyway the Quiche idea was not the initial plan. Had wanted to make a cherry pie before that. However, no one seems to fancy a cherry pie made out of canned sweet pitted dark cherries, so the idea was forsaken. However, since the tart dough was already done up, it was conveniently converted to the pie crust for the quiche.

Here it comes.. my Bacon & Mushroom Quiche for good old Sunday breakkie…


Anyway I find the quiche too salty, namely due to the bacon and cheese. I shall attempt ham instead the next time. Edam cheese is good though abit on the pricey side. The crust is crisp and buttery and manages to stay its shape despite not using any pie weights to prevent the dough from expanding during the bake.


Quiche doesn’t seem to be a popular dessert in Singapore. Is it because it’s savoury and not sweet ? Or we are just too pampered with all the local delicacies that such American pies are just not for us ?? But to be frank, I don’t fancy such foods also !! Though I love to bake alot, but I don’t really eat what I bake. With the exception of breads maybe ? I think I am a weird kind. It’s like what my colleague said, only when you have passion for that stuff, then you will seemingly indulge in it. But for me, it’s just the opposite. I have passion for the process but not the end products !

Fortunately I still have a fair bit of nice colleagues who are faithful guinea pigs for such savory foods of mine. Be it nice or not, they are always adventurous enough to try. ^-^


Are you getting all hungry now ? I shall just get evil and tempt you with more mouth-watering pictures… Heehee..


The quiche pan was a smaller size than what’s stipulated in the recipe. Therefore, there were leftover ingredients from every single item on the list. And well, brekkie has to be converted to brunch now then since I came out with a last minute decision to utilise all the leftover ingredients to a Carbonara.


Looks messy to me.. I should really improve on my plating skills. The cream sauce wasn’t as smooth as it should be because I had alot of egg whites leftover from the quiche, so I conveniently added them to the Carbonara. It didn’t affect the taste too much. Basically I think I can’t even tell the difference.


All sinfully cheesy, creamy and meaty in one day ! But guess what, all these sinfully delicious food were prepared in less than an hour ! Record-breaking efficiency !


Finally long draggy Monday coming to an end. We should always start the week on a Tuesday note instead. Long weekend is all that we ever need. ^-^


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