Officially Opened for Business !!!!!

This is a post dedicated to all my pineapple tarts and cookies supporters who patronise my business during the past 2-3 weeks. Do I  sound lame here ??  Hahaha.

But then, I would really like to give a heartfelt thanks to all friends, colleagues and relatives who bought my cookies and tarts during this awesome period and hope that by your word-of-mouth, my cookies will be favored by lotsa more people and orders will continue to pour in. HUAT ARH !!!


Total order takings was slightly more than 30 bottles of pineapple tarts and close to 12 kg of cookies so far !! A great way to start the new year, isn’t it !! I am contented with the sales and I guess I deserve a big pat !! Don’t puke ok… seriously… Hahaha… I did almost everything from A to Z single-handedly, with the occasional assist from the helper on one weekend only. Considering I gotta work and blog and all that.. hahaha.. it’s indeed a challenging feat for me.

I was rushing to complete all orders…. so that explains for the lack of time for proper photo-taking too… all pictures here are taken in a rush with the Iphone.


Pineapple tarts orders are currently closed.

However, cookies orders will continue 24/7. Just email me @ for your orders and I will be pleased to revert as soon as I can.

Price list and information on Cookies Orders are available at

A 500-gram pack of Chocolate Chips Cookies

Thank you everyone for your support !!! And please help to spread the news yeah….. +.+

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