Awesome CNY Activities with my Favourite HK Desserts Place at Vivocity

Boohoo.. how has the Lunar new year been for everyone ?? As a matter of fact, the Lunar new year has become less significant to me as I grew older, other than a time for good food feasting and a long weekend break. Maybe less the trills of opening red packets as compared to when we were kids. Still, the traditions of the festive has not been forgotten, going for reunions, visitations, lou yusheng….


and last but not least, our yearly new year affair….the Movie galore !!

I had like 4 movies consecutively for the 4 days of the lunar new year, starting from new year eve. I think it’s quite a record breaking feat for us. Hahaha.

Movies collage

My colleague ever suggested that I could do a movie review on the blog…. maybe a simple one for a start since all these shows are quite out-dated and I am sure most of us have watched either one or the other already. Generally, there’s a common word to describe all 4 movies… just “LAME”….Hahaha… as it is in all CNY festive movies. Meant for a good laugh and nothing concrete is remembered thereafter.

Although the english movie “A Good Way to Die Hard” is a non-comedy…. the reason I find it hilarious is that the show is too unrealistic at times….. why does the male lead forever survives the fall from great heights with just a few bruises and scratches…. not as if he has supernatural powers somemore…. and of course I know that’s one of the reason for the director to sustain his ricebowl so that he can continue filming subsequent series… but hey, if it’s the same motion everytime, the audience will get bored too, isn’t it ?

And this festive… I had one more activity to add to the list…

Candy Crushing !!!

Hahaha.. I know many people are mad crazy about this game now….I remember I started this game a couple of months ago when I couldn’t sleep on one night and play like almost throughout the night. And I stopped for sometime before coming back to it again. And looking at the sudden increase in the number of faces on the tracks… wow.. it’s sure an addictive game.


Hahahaha… Yes, I am currently at level 201… Don’t jeer me leh… and not boasting also lar….. considering the time I started till now was much longer…. and I had some stages cleared by the colleagues who are more talented than me…. climbing up the stages at the most amazing speed…

Last but not least, I would like to introduce a pretty decent Hong Kong Desserts place that I personally patronise quite frequently.

Lucky Dessert 香港发记@ Vivocity

We never get sick though we order the usual stuffs everytime we are there. It’s like it’s almost a fixed menu we had. Coz when it comes to fruits, I only take mangoes and durians. So our desserts’ choices are never far apart from these 2 kinds of fruits.


Durian Wrapz @ S$3.30 per pc – Durian pancake wrapped with real durian flesh and cream. Love this to bits. It’s like I come across many pancakes which are always too thick for my fancy but this durian wrapz is just nice for me. And because real durian meat is used, and having it chilled with the cream and all just makes it all the more delectable.


Mango Snow Ice @ S$5.90 – Topped with mango, herbal jelly and sago. The first time I had this was when I was in Taiwan. And I got so crazy in love over it that I told the man I gonna set up a stall selling this. There and then, we went to check out the supplier of the snow ice shaver equipment and the ice blocks itself in Taipei. Crazy right ? But then shortly after we came back, many of such stalls are sprouting up everywhere in the malls and heartlands…. So there goes my dream !!

I guess I had better stick to my cookies sale for the time being.

Lucky Dessert 香港发记 is located at :

1 Harbourfront Walk
#02-15 Vivocity

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