WooHooHoo x 6 and My Once-In-A-While Lunchbox

Alot of good news recently !! Share my joy, please !! Hahaha.

A friend of mine was in Taiwan for a business trip recently and I managed to convince him to lug back 11 baking books for me ! Woohoohoo…. and it’s a fraction of the price I would be paying for if I gotten them shipped over or buying them at Kinokuniya. Well, I haven’t had the chance to meet him in person to collect my ‘loot’ yet, but I am still equally delighted.

books collage

It’s December and it’s bonus payout time !!! Woohoohoo x 2… Means more moolah to spend on my upcoming holiday. Hurry up, seconds, minutes, hours ! Past faster, I wanna see the extra cash in my bank account soon !!


The economy is slowly picking up and my long term investment finally shown light. Woohoohoo x 3. I shall not elaborate on this, in case I jinx it anytime again. Let the economy continues its roar and the bulls shall dominate !!


Next, I am invited to a cafe opening next week !! Woohoohoo x 4. Good food for indulgence again !! Stay tuned for more updates yeah.

Then then then, Mediacorp is coming to our place for a 2nd viewing with the directors and crew staff. Woohoohoo x 5. So a good chance that our place gonna be featured in the show ?? Hopefully yeah…. let’s keep our fingers crossed and that nothing shall jinx it too.


Last but not least… my long awaited holidays in 2 weeks’ time !! Just to share further, I haven’t been going for a holiday for like 2 years. It was a long draggy time though, with too much happenings and stuffs… and so you bet, I am sooooo looking for this upcoming one. Desperately in need of a long break… in a winter-land with tons of shopping to be consumed.

I haven’t cook lunch for myself for a long long time. As in cook lunch to be packed in a lunch box to be taken during meal time in the office. Kind of lacking the motivation or simply too tired to want to do anything. Hahaha.

But well, if I do ever get a chance to prepare a lunch box to bring to the office, it will always be something simple. Imagine I need to get out of the house by 8am and I take like one hour to prepare myself for work, I will be left with half an hour to cook the meal. And waking up at 630am is quite the limit for me already. Anything earlier, I think I will be literally dragging my heads off the bed.

Seafood Fried rice is the way to go !!! Though it’s simple, but delicious. Coz I always remember my papa will cook fried rice for supper whenever I am hungry in the middle of the night. So it’s somehow like a kind of comfort food to me.


The man always tells me that the frozen mixed vegetables that we used in fried rice is super unhealthy as they consist of alot of chemicals and preservatives and will not digest easily in the body. How true is that, I am not sure. But one thing I am very sure is that, the green peas does not appeal to me at all. I can have them picked out one by one, in a very neatly fashion somemore. I have a couple of friends who behave the same way as me too! Are you one of those who detest green peas too ?


And it’s TGIF, folks !!!! The most favorite day of the working week. Enjoy it while it lasts !!



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