Prawn Paste Chicken using Seah’s Spices

Ever since the burns on my hand a couple of weeks ago, deep-frying foods in hot oil has become such a phobia to me now. So nowdays, I will tend to prepare everything and get the man to drop the stuffs in the hot oil wok for me. Seriously contemplating on getting the Philips Air Fryer where no oil is used in deep frying. But is it any good ?? Any advice ??

I had an electric deep fryer previously. But then, it consumes quite a fair bit of oil till I find that its not really economical.

I have always been quite a faithful follower of Seah’s Spices for their easy application and great taste. My all-time favourite has always been the Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices and recently, my colleague passed me a pack of the Prawn Flavour Fried Chicken Spices which she raved so much about it. All the more I should give it a try !

And the verdict is…. Good, to me only ! Hahaha. The man however, felt that the prawn paste taste could be stronger. But generally speaking, it’s an above average verdict and we love the fact that the seasoning was absorbed quickly into the chicken even though we marinated it for half an hour or so only.

We used fresh drumlets this time, so that probably explains for the juiciness of the chicken meat. Not sure whether it’s me only or what, but if I were to use frozen chicken in deep frying at home, the end result will always be not as ideal as using fresh ones. Even deep frying them in a pressure cooker does not work the trick well. You just can feel that the staleness is there, no matter how long you had it marinated.

But then again, I suppose places like KFC and fried chicken chains uses frozen chicken…. So that really makes me wonder…. where does the problem lies ?…. the chicken, the oil, the seasoning, the method ?

Nevertheless, let’s tuck in first !! Hahaha !!


Fridays !!! Hurry Up !!! I need you to come faster…. :) :) :)



  1. I love to use Seah’s spice products and this is one of them. Sometime I even put to bake instead of deep frying.

  2. Do you add anymore ingredients on TOP of Seah prawn flavoured spices?

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