A Day as a Tourist In the Homeland and a Pit-Stop Meal at Dulcet & Studio

Singapore weekends are getting boring. Either you go shopping or you hog the movies theatre. As in Singapore is really too small for anything exciting. So how do you people usually spend your weekends ?

I came out with 2 ideas actually :

(1) That I will hop onto the first bus that comes along at the nearest bus stop, with no destination in mind and let the bus toured me around till I deem a stop that is desirable enough for me to alight. Thereafter, I will explore that wherever place I am in for the thrill of it. Ok, may sound lame, but better than eat, shop, sleep, right ? Haha.

(2) Be a tourist on my own land for a day. Bag the camera, stroll along tourist spots and capture shots of nature and landscapes along the way. And when the legs start to give way, drop by a cafe, enjoy a comforting meal and coffee, perhaps read a book still. If weather permits, continue the tour on foot and perhaps end the day with a tiny weeny bit of shopping, with “souvenirs” for yourself or the people back home.

I start off with Option (2).

The tour began from Alkaff Bridge. Not sure why too, but I seems to have a fetish for bridges.. Hahaha.. especially colorful or beautifully structured bridges like such that is over the river stream, I can just stand still in the middle of it and daze there for a couple of minutes, whilst enjoying the serenity of it at the same time.

Gonna flood you all with lotsa pictures of beautiful landscape Singapore.


Strolling along Robertson Quay.

It was a quiet and peaceful late Sunday morning, a deep contrast to the usual maddening crowds in the town districts.


 River cleaning boat.

Strange enough to think that I never attempted any river cruise nor duck tours in our homegrown country, and yet, we are so eager to try out all these when we are in foreign lands as tourists. Hahaha.

It’s the festive cheer !! Cute little reindeers made of straw in the showcase. Not for sale though.

I ever wanted to have a mini version of this in my own house. And I wonder whether the dog will start drinking water from it if I really had one…. I cannot imagine.

 And and and…. ORD Bridge ??? My first thought was that…hey, the NS men gotta cross this bridge in order to be ORD… Hahaha.

Amidst the fast pace of life, this can be a beautiful country to live in. But well, fact of life is, nothing is perfect.


Attempted something similar…. like 10 years ago ?? The experience was simply unforgettable, and till today, I have yet to ever attempt it again. So you can imagine !…. But then I could take roller coasters and stuffs.. but just not this…. surprisingly…

And my favourite childhood ice-cream man !! The price of such ice-cream has increased from 20 to 50 cents to now $1.00 and in some places, $1.20 ! We should revitalise this trade !!

After all the walking, my feet started to protest and my tummy was growling too. So time to head for a meal !!

Dropped by at Liang Court and was deciding whether should go for Macdonalds, when I saw this. So why not ?? Haha.

Dulcet & Studio – doesn’t even sound like a food place, right ? It’s a Japanese-Western fusion kind of cafe. And I was kind of shocked when I saw this !

(1) and (2) are perfectly fine…. but 3) Clear Your Table When You Have Finished ! – I mean its not a fast food restaurant where everything is disposable. I saw food and drinks being served on glass and procelain tableware. So where am I suppose to clear these heavy duty tableware to ??

Anyway, I had a Mentaiko Salmon Pasta. I always love Mentaiko and always seen it around in Japanese cuisine. But here I am, trying it out on a dish that is a non-Japanese food and surprisingly, it’s good !

And what’s pasta without parmesan cheese and chilli flakes ? Love them to bits.

Hungry beyond words. Indulge first, talk later. Hahaha.

And tuck in one corner of the cafe, there’s a small section of magazines for free browsing.

And the festive cheer continues ~~ I want my presents too !!!

Fortunately, upon checking on, I realise that rule no. (3) as mentioned earlier to clear our own table, is not being enforced on. There are still servers around to help you clear the tables.

With an addition of $6, I get an Iced Green Tea and a Custard Pudding with Caramel Sauce.

The custard pudding presentation was quite a disappointment though. Being served in disposable plastic ware, just like some off-the-shelf product from the supermarket. Nothing too fantastic to scream about too.

I called it a pit-stop break. It extends to Starbucks, where we couch ourselves up in comfy sofas and enjoy a few sessions of games on the Ipad.


And the day ended with ……

Foot massage ! Pardon my fat stouty feet if you find them an eyesore. Hahaha. The legs need a pamper after a day’s of hard walk. I realised we tend to walk too much too, whenever we are travelling as tourists, don’t we ?

Counting down. For many reasons. Festive, holidays breaks, travel….


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