Santa is Showering Golds of Joy @ The Icing Room

Hohoho… Santa Claus is coming to town. Is it that time of the year already ? Yes, yes, yes.. the jolly jolly occasion is here !

Other than the festive occasion, December has always been my favourite month of the year, for the reason that many companies I worked for, has a long shut-down period at the year end, enabling us to some extra paid leave which everyone is always looking forward to, after having worked so hard during that year. YES, I definitely need this well-deserved break and hoping for it to come sooner too !! It will be a time of baking, baking and more baking for the festive cheer. But this year, I would like to make an exception. Hahaha. Not that I will not bake anymore, but as I will be heading for a trip during that period, I am quite compelled to curb my baking addiction for the period then and look for alternatives to spread the Christmas cheer.

And I just found it…. though it comes abit too early… but you sure need time ahead to plan your plans, isn’t it ?

Mini DIY Yule Logs from The Icing Room are just the answer I need. Hohoho. 

We all know DIY cakes are the signature icon of The Icing Room, but since Christmas is just round the corner, DIY Yule Logs just serve to mark the occasion perfectly.

Mini Design-It-Yourself Yule Log $18.80 each
From left: vanilla strawberry and chocolate flavours

And who say cake decoration is only meant for professionals ? As long as your heart and mind is filled with sincerity and love, all cakes are made beautiful and anyone who received such customised gifts with these thoughts will certainly be touched with an abundance of  uncompelling joy.

Nothing fanciful, no hollywood style, my original idea of the customised yule log has to be nothing short of simplicity. But some impromptu ideas did came by whilst decorating it and it kind of evolve into something like this….

My creation and I named it ~ Santa is Showering Golds of Joy

Yes, you seen it right. I took this picture on a car’s dashboard…Oops… Hahaha. As I was quite pressed for time, and hence took the shots while waiting for the man in the car.

PSLE results is out recently. The nephew, whom did not bore much confidence prior to that, got an unexpected result of 2As and 2Bs with an aggregate score of 208, much to everyone’s surprise. Hahaha. Well done, Ryle !! So this cake shall be yours to celebrate.

With the festive round the corner, an upcoming holiday trip, unexpectedly good PSLE results from the nephew and all the good reasons to celebrate for….

What’s more ? What’s more ??

Win attractive prizes by grabbing a DIY Mini Yule Log from The Icing Room, start decorating and submit your photo entry to The Icing Room Singapore Facebook – Who Has the Best DIY Yule Log Contest.

And if mine “Santa is showering you with golds of joy” has touched your heart, please vote for me !!!

3 lucky voters of the top 3 winners will walk away with $20 worth of The Icing Room vouchers each!

So what are you waiting for ??


1) Login to your facebook account and go to The Icing Room Singapore Facebook 
2) Scroll down to the Highlights section and you will see a tool bar appearing at the top, just below the Facebook header.
3) Click on Timeline and go into BEST DIY Yule Log OR if you can see the picture of BEST DIY Yule Log at the photos, click on that. NOTE : I guess you will only be able to see this ONLY on web browser sccreens such as IE, Google Chrome or Safari. You will not be able to see this page if you are using the FB application itself. 
4) Liked the Page and add the application. 
5) Click on SUBMIT TO VOTE and check on the little box at the top right hand corner of my creation under ‘Joyce Ang’.
For more information about The Icing Room, visit the website at :


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