With a Heavy Heart … Home-made Pineapple Jam

I am sure many of us heard of the late Dr Richard Teo, whom a millionaire at the prime age of 40, passed away from cancer which happened at the time when it was least expected. What truly touched me was his closing speech where he quoted some verses from the book called <Tuesdays with Morrie>. I read this book many years ago, and during that time, I was quite indifferent to what was written in the book. As in being young and ignorant, I did not think about life philosophies as much as now.

“The truth is, once you learn how to die, you learn how to live.”

Kept me pondering. There can be no greater truth than this phrase indeed. Well quoted, brilliantly expressed. Yes, why do we need to wait till the brink of death before we know how we gonna live our lives ? If you knew you were to leave this world tomorrow, then I am sure today will be the day you do things ultimately different from what you would usually do.

We would not take things and people for granted. We would learn to treasure relationships. We would show our concerns for our loved ones. We would lead everyday meaningfully with people whom are important to us, and not indulge in unnecessary obsessions. Am I right ? Well, I am not a philosopher by chance, just that sometimes I feel we tend to get overwhelmed by wordly possessions so much that we seemingly forget what are our priorities in life. I must admit, I make this mistake at times too.

Learning from this last speech from Dr Richard Teo just bring us back to our basics, isn’t it. Life’s short, live in contentment, shower concern, treasure life and embrace love. There in all, our life is lead most meaningfully without regrets.

Shall end these heavy thoughts for the time being and head back to some food basics. The initial plan was some old school delights again ~ Pineapple biscuits. Those that we commonly see in huge metal tins, sold by weight. Goes perfectly with a cup of tea.

But sad to say, I was carelessly scorched by the cooking pineapple filling while stirring it and couldn’t quite proceed with the biscuit dough thereafter. And since I couldn’t proceed further, what should I do with the filling ? Spreading it on bread as jam seems like a good idea, isn’t it ?

But I had ran out of bread just at this moment. I started to crack my head again, definitely refusing to let the jam go to waste. And it’s just so freshly home-made, out of sheer patience from the continuous stirring for an hour.

Peek peek. Something is exposed….Can you guess what I have done to the jam ??

Guess it right ? I had the jam spreaded on some plain sandwich biscuits !!

Not too bad an idea, right ? Hahaha. Mum said the pineapple jam is good and even asked me for the recipe ! And just 2 cans of pineapple slices are enough to stir a big bottle of jam. Economical too ! Most importantly, sweetness is customised and no preservatives contained! Of course, don’t start telling me that the cans of pineapple chunks contain preservatives ! Well, true to a certain extent but nevertheless, it still stretches far better than what’s bought from the shelves.

Here’s the recipe to share :

Home-Made Pineapple Jam

By Eat What Tonight Published: November 7, 2012

  • Yield: 1 big bottle (-- Servings)
  • Prep: 10 mins
  • Cook: 60 mins
  • Ready In: 1 hr 10 mins

- modified from Epicure Magazine August 2012 issue



  1. Mix together sugar, unsalted butter, pineapple juice and chopped pineapples.
  2. Cook mixture over low heat for about 40-50 minutes, or until jam-liked texture, stirring continuously.
  3. Spread pineapple jam on bread or biscuits and serve.

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