Filming at the House ???…and Lunch @ Seoul Yummy

Poor me ! My hand was burnt the second time in 3 weeks and this time it’s much worse than the first. And being burnt on the right hand for a right-hander is just making it look so unbearable.  Everytime I looked at it, I just pray hard that people will not think I gotten some contagious disease. It looks real awful lor. I have had this freak accident when I was deep frying a fish. I guess I had better stick to the oven than the gas stove for the time being… At least there won’t be hot cooking oil “splashing” over the place.

All pictures are taken using the Iphone for this post. 

And I received this letter from Mediacorp !

Well, it was my first time receiving such a notification and boy, I was real excited when I see this. It would be soooo fun to see the actors and actresses in the house filming, isn’t it ? So I quickly called up the person in charge and made arrangements for her to view my place. And just 2 days ago, she came over and seems pretty satisfied with the place and all. Hehehe… Moving on from there and then, I hope there will be more fun coming up should the actual filming does materialise. Stay tuned for more updates, yeah…


The initial plan was to head to the new Chinatown Point with the family, not realising that it’s not opened yet. So we diverted to The Central instead, where we had Seoul Yummy for lunch.  I think it was my suggestion to have Korean food since I had this craving for awhile already. Fortunately the old folks were not against it as Mum is a fanatic fan of Korean dramas and dad is looking for the Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup for his quick fix. Hahaha.

Mixed Vege Stone Pot Rice, or commonly known as Bibimbap. Other than the meaty barbeque stuffs in Korean food, my other preference will always be the bibimbap. I liked the spiciness of the hot chilli paste, together with the rest of the vege, that are mixed together and eaten in big mouthfuls, like a hungry glutton. Haha. Generally, the bibimbap here is quite alright, as in all other places as well as I reckon this is not a difficult dish to put together.

Instead, I much prefer the nephew’s order, Stir-Fried Glass Noodle with Seafood. It’s very spicy, much to my liking and there’s quite an abundance of vege and seafood that goes along with it. The noodles were stirred fried to a right texture and even the mum and sista raved about it. However, the nephew could not take spiciness and need 2 cans of Coke before he could finish up the dish instead.

Dad’s fix for the Korean Gineseng Chicken. Hmm.. how should I put it… I would think this pose off more of a Chicken Soup than a Ginseng Chicken Soup ? But at the kind of price we are paying, we really shouldn’t be expecting lotsa of real ginseng, isn’t it? Hahaha.

Korean pancake ~ It wasn’t a hit among the diners though, more for the kiddo who doesn’t take spice. In any case, our local carrot cake or fried oyster omelette will supersede this in everyway. Or rather, the one we had in Korea is much nicer, less of a starchy taste with more quality ingredients.

Neverthless, if you need a casual Korean fix, Seoul Yummy is located at :

No. 6 Eu Tong Sen Street,
The Central, #03-92/95
Singapore 059817
Reservation : 6227 8802
Website : 


  1. i love korean food
    my sis recommended one small eatery in Tanjung Pagar Plaza – Koko Rooloo
    i havent tried it yet, she said it has great korean food, many koreans eating there :)

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