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I have been lamenting about getting the ice cream maker for a long time. However, the man keeps on complaining that it’s gonna be another white elephant in the kitchen since I know nuts about making ice cream, therefore the hesitation in getting one. So when I was offered the opportunity to attend a class at ToTT Cooking Studio, you can imagine my first preferred choice when I browse through the list of classes they had !

It just had to be this ~ Frozen Treats Class by Chef Chiara Guenzi…

Anyway a little drama whilst on the way to class. I hitched a cab whose driver does not know where is Dunearn Road and I was made to repeat the spelling for the road name like at least 5 times ? Still, the driver was liked repeating “Diamond Road ? Diamond Road ?” ~ I find it rather amusing and was thinking to myself whether my pronounciation being that bad that makes it sounds like “Diamond Road”? Anyway, before I could offered my GPS on the Ipad, the driver called his friend who guided him the directions. And phewww… I reached Tott 5 minutes earlier than the class commencement.

Though it wasn’t my first visit at ToTT, but being the first time I stepped into the cooking studio, I was abit taken aback at the comfort level of Tott Cooking Studio. It’s liked I have been to a few of such classes, but never had I experienced demonstrations on such a high tech kitchen island. Everything is just so sophiscated and spacious, set alongside by a row of Gaggenau Ovens !! ~ My dream oven ok !

And even before the class, you could help yourself to a range of hot coffee and tea bags that was served in one corner of the studio.

Maybe a brief introduction of the Chef Chiara Guenzi who’s conducting the class. ~ Chef Chiara Guenzi’s Kitchen was established in 2010 where she started a full-time career conducting classes specializing in authentic Italian cooking. She cooperates with local cookery schools and developes a wide range of cookery classes with the common element of sharing love for gastronomy and traditional Italian cuisine. In this current class we had, we were introduced to Mango Gelato with Mint & Chocolate Sauce and Expresso Gelato with Cinnamon Whipped Cream, both recipes courtesy of Chiara Guenzi.

She’s a very friendly lady whom made no hesitations to attend to all our queries, even after the class has ended. Though both recipes were attempted with the need of an ice cream maker, Chef Chiara, nevertheless, offered to show us the method in which we could churn out tantalising gelato too, without the use of any equipment.

When I mentioned high tech, I am referring to these two wide screens found above the kitchen island. Fantastic, isn’t it ? There are a few processes where we couldn’t really catch a glimpse of what’s cooking in the pots and pans when we are laid in our seats. And if we were to crowd around the island, we will be blocking the views of others who might just want to sit back to take notes. Clear and wide, these two screens zoomed in clearly and precisely on every step of the cooking process.

Number one on my wish list. To the man ~ can you make my Christmas wish come true ??? :)

Time to savour on these tantalising frozen treats  ~ The end products from the class.

Non-milk base ~ Mango Gelato, smooth texture and melts in the mouth. Very fruity and refreshing.

Milk-based ~ Expresso Gelato, thick and creamy and my definite preferrence between the two.

Well, time for the ultimate shopping destination ~ the largest centre of its kind in Asia, a 36,000 sqf kitchen wonderland that carries an unparallel range of cooking, baking and hosting-related merchandise, all exclusively at ToTT.

Be it a novice chef, a baking amateur or an experienced chef, there is something for anyone here.  Just browsing my way through the entire store can keep me occupied for the next couple of hours. And if you are so spoilt for choices and not sure what to get for yourself, take a rest at the Bistro, replenish your energy and continue shopping thereafter.

You can easily find something you love, you want or you need. Just like me. :)

My loot from ToTT though.


ToTT helps you create unique culinary moments for your family and friends. Make a visit to :

ToTT Store ~ Cook. Bake. Host. Today !

Located at 896 Dunearn Road, #01-01A, Singapore 589472

Tel : (65) 6219-7077 Fax : (65) 6314-7077

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A big Thank You to Jael from Food News for the invitation !


  1. I was there too attending the same class! :P
    Yes, what a sophisticated cooking studio – love it! :)

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