Monday Blues with a Lazy Breakfast Indulgence

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Top 10 reasons why we need a 4/3 (4 workdays, 3 weekends) work week.

1) Monday blues. Too much merry making over the too-short weekends is leaving us with terrible hangovers which we need more than a day to recuperate.

2) The luxury of waking up in the late mornings over the weekend spills over to the draggy Monday.

3) Waking up late, thereby missing out on breakfast on Monday mornings leads to memory blockages and poor concentration which can be detrimental to work.

4) The need to reflect on impulse purchases made during the weekend shopping frenzy.

5) Overly indulgence in good food over the weekend leads us to indigestion and stomach problems which needs to be rectified.

6) Pork not served on Monday, thereby missing out on some  food stalls  and the spillover that causes long queues is a cause for headache during lunch break.

7)  Something for the parents ~ The need to drag the kiddos out from bed on the first day of the schooling week is a pain, resulting in themselves late for work.

8) For the politically correct reason – work-life not balanced.  5 work days VS 2 rest days. An oblivious imbalance ratio which need to be fine tuned.

9) SIMPLY I need one more day of rest !


As you can see, I drafted this on a Monday for sure. Thereby all the reasons I justify for myself !

Also, just to share my one of my lazy breakfast indulgence. Well, nothing special to be exact. Everything can be piled together within minutes. Time saving is the keyword here. Usually working adults like us do not have the luxury of enjoying long brekkies yeah.

So here’s something that I came up with, using whatever I can find in the fridge !

Prata Wrap with Cheesey Hotdogs, Pork Floss & Chilli Mayo

And it’s simple to carry around too, so if you are caught up for time, just drop into some carrier and you can grab a bite while you are on the go too.


Looks kind of messy. But when you are always caught in the early morning madness like me, that’s the best I can do… ^-^

And it’s such a no-brainer that you don’t need a recipe for it. Pan fried some ready-made prata wraps and roll it up with whatever you desired. Of course, for a healthier diet, grab some greens to go along. I reckon some fresh good lettuces shall do the trick nicely.

And oh, it’s Tuesday now ! Monday blues no more !!


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