Singapore’s Cutting Edge XD 6D Motion Ride Theater

When we used to have 2D and HD, we were already liked wow-ing over its vivid images. So when 3D started to make its entry into the market, we were literally going ga-ga over the three-dimensional effects that technology can play in our lives. Then when IMax digital theatres found their way into the local scene, we could not resist our thrills further and were fast to be first in the queue to catch a glimpse of how far digital technology and surround sound system can go.

Then all of a sudden, everything died down…. So what’s next ? What’s next ?

We started to ponder…. is that just about all ? Even now, attaining 3D is reachable within an arm’s length with the availability of Smart TV for home and all… And some of us, being well-travelled Singaporeans, probably have access to 4D images as well from our overseas encounters. Can we still go further ?? Especially in this small little island ??

And then…. then…. then……… WE FOUND THE ANSWER  !!!

The Cutting Edge 6D Motion Ride by XD Theatre made its debut appearance here, right here in Singapore.

Please don’t query your hearing ok. YES ! You heard it right, It’s none other than 6D ! I was quite taken aback too when I learnt that 6D is available in Singapore. To be honest, I could not imagine Singapore at the tip of this technology iceberg especially we are just a small country with pretty much laid back rules.

Then again, tons of questions filled up my mind. How do we justify 6D ? Where does the additional 3D comes from ? What special effects does it has as compared to the 4D encounters we had in foreign land ? How stimulating or intensive is it going to be ? And most importantly, can the entire family joins in the fun together ? Or is it meant solely for thrill-seeking individuals ?

And after embarking on my virgin 6D ride at the XD theatre, there I was, won over by it in total awesomeness. YES indeed, we can go that far. The highly immersive, mind-blowing 6D motion-stimulated ride has nevertheless peaked our visual experience to a new high once more.

Boasting both unparalleled visual experience, superb motion and speed simulation, the 6D marks a representation for the 3D experience, wind effects, lighting effects as well as the individually controlled motion technology. However, this advance technology does not come by easy. Its realtime 3D stereoscopic graphics, crisp Surround 360 sound environment and unique motion tecnology – each individually controlled seat that gives up to 400 movements per second – is built on the award-winning patented Mad Wave Motion®, based on more than four years of research and prototype development.

The greatest deal about out this new entertainment probably shall be the fact that the entire family can be incorporated in the fun  ! Why do I say that ?? ~~ Well, the XD theatre has thoughtfully featured 4 shows in all currently, with milder rides catering for the family-oriented, especially those with kiddos.

Standing at 2 years old, he’s probably the youngest one who has attempted the 6D ride so far. And hey, he wasn’t at all intimidated. Especially he can still go rattling “shake, shake, shake” after the ride just goes to show how immensely he has enjoyed himself ! So hey, families and friends, do plan a family outing for your loved ones soon with this captivating 6D ride at the XD theatre now ! You won’t want to miss out the fun, won’t you !

Daddy, don’t hold me back ! I wanna go and enjoy my ride again !!

And of course, there are other rides which are more immerse and stimulating for the thrill-seekers as well.

If you are meeting a good old buddy for some fun-filled activities as well, be sure to make a date with this 6D ride and get thrilled together.

The four movies currently running (July 2012) onwards are: Ravine Racer, Canyon Coaster, Cosmic Coaster and Jet and Jin. My favourite and definitely the most popular one running will be the Canyon Coaster so far.

So if you are tempted by what you have been reading, be sure to partake in this multisensory, immersive and realistic ride of your life right now !

Do head to for more information.

Opening Hours:

9am to 11pm, daily


$20 per head for adults ($16, introductory price)

$18 per head for children of 6 to 13 ($14, introductory price)

$18 per head for adults above 60 years old ($14, introductory price)

And opps… did I mention where it is located ?? It’s just round the corner at Level 2 of the Singapore Flyer !!

And some hard core facts ~~About the Originators of XD Theater

The XD Theater is conceptualised and built by Triotech, a leading manufacturer of the next generation of interactive and immersive attractions for the amusement industry. The Canadian based company and its partners have created the most technologically advanced motion actuator system in the world upon which the 6D XD theater is based and maintain exclusive rights for its deployment in the entertainment industry. Triotech is a strategic partner of Sega Amusement Europe and has presence in over 100 countries worldwide include Asia, the Middle East, Europe and the United States.

Last but not least, a big Thank You to Nanny and John of Bridges M&C Pte Ltd and the XD Theatre for the invitation !


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