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Hot Hot Hot @ Henderson Waves


You guys must be thinking I am freaking mad to go on a hill top walk on such stuffy and humid conditions on a Sunday afternoon !! Grrr…. Actually it wasn’t that bad to begin with where there are lotsa trees and shades as we trek uphill. But the weather started to get VERY hot when we had to walk one big round to get back to our vehicle, even though that already seems to be the shortest path we could have taken.

Everytime we drove past this place, we could always see this bridge hanging in mid air. But it never comes across our minds on where it would lead to. Since we are bringing the dog out for her Sunday walk, we decided to explore the area, despite the very crazy weather !

We are standing right in the middle of the bridge and boy… the view is magnificent… I mean of course, compare to those famous hill tops in other countries, it’s peanuts.. but then, in an island of practically zero suburbs, here’s indeed something different.

And hey, I can see my house from the bridge !! Did you spot some yellowish color flats in the faraway background ? Yes, that’s the place where I usually hibernate myself. :)

A pack of forest greens. Will it be gone one day to make way for the ever increasing population of land-scarce Singapore ? Sigh.

Take a closer look, did you see that Z like thingy in the picture ? That’s a super long flight of staircase that we will be attempting soon to get down.

Oh well, now I know… this place is known as the Henderson Waves ?? Opps..kind of mountain tortoise, I know…

OMG, this place links to everywhere, from Hort Park to Mount Faber. Would anyone attempt such a trek on foot ?? Seriously, I cannot imagine.  I was already trying to catch my breath at this point in time, moreover talking about covering the entire trek, ok.. I must admit, I would think twice again even if it’s just half. Age is catching up, the hard truth and laziness, an ultimate excuse. But if we have a cool weather of say 10 degrees up here, I would be more than agreeable to have a jog here at no extra hesitation. Haha !

Let’s get back !! The heat is empowering all my desires to continue further !!! Downslope, here we come !! Could we just roll ourselves down ??!!

The Long and winding staircase… But count our blessings it’s a downhill. Reminds me of the song “Long and winding road” though. I am missing my little bedroom with the full blast air conditioning already.

Then we spotted this place, a white color “palace-alike” thingy on a mini hill top. People say curiosity kills the cat. Yes, it’s true. At the end of the exploration, we were dead beat beyond words.

This place is Alkaff Mansion.

I gonna dine here one day for sure!!


Well, how I rate this place…

4/5 – for the sporty

2.5/5 – for the non-sporty

2/5 – for weather temperature 31 and above

Refer to http://www.nparks.gov.sg/cms/popup/hendersons.html for more detailed information about Henderson Waves if you intend to make a trip there.


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    so you mean the mansion here is a restaurant? luckily people dont have to walk up the hill to dine in this place :D

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    Hi, thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. This place look excellent.

    Have a nice day, regards.

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