A Lazy Comfort ends with a Good Meal @ Lei Garden Orchard

It all started from a lazy decision. To start off, we stay in a humble 5-room HDB flat. Well, kinda spacious for 2 persons, I would say. But due to our busy commitments, we hardly have the time to enjoy the sparseness. To the extent that the TV in the hall probably has not been power on for at least a couple of weeks already ? And I have not sat my butt comfortable on the sofa in the hall too ?? What an exaggerating truth, isn’t it.

And to make everything compact and comprehensive (actual term is to satisfy our lazy bones), walking from the bedroom to the kitchen has become such a chore that I decide I should just get a mini fridge for the room. It’s not really that far actually, but I must admit we were indeed plain lazy.

Please don’t start scolding me for being extravagant okie…. I admit I do want to pamper myself a tiny weeny bit too, especially after a day’s of stressful job. And enabling a bedroom similar to one in a hotel with a mini pantry bar has such a pleasing comfort. Especially when I need a drink in the middle of the night, it’s just within an arm’s length. :) My colleague addressed these as “excuses given to justify my purchase”. Hmm… maybe she’s right too. Hehehe. But don’t you have have those moments where you just want to splurge on some stuffs without a true necessity for it ??

Well, here’s the mini pantry setup in the bedroom. :) Nothing glam or elaborate though. Still thinking of more ways to improvise it. Haha !!

Back to the dining. Since we were at Courts Orchard getting the mini fridge, we were sourcing for a place to have dinner too. It was dinner time and we were really hungry and having a birthday celebration concurrently, but having no desire to attend to any queues, we decided to drop by this place, very random, no reservations and absolutely no intention too, in the first place. What a way to plan for a birthday celebration.. Haha… Fortunately there were no complaints as the good food satisfies our tummies well.

Lei Garden @ Orchard Shopping Centre

<Pictures taken with an Iphone>

Barbecued Suckling Pig

You don’t get this dish often here. Either you need to order in advance or you get it by luck. The skin is barbecued to a perfect crisp and is absolutely delicious. As I am penning this post, the lingering taste still remains fresh in my mind…. How I wish I can have a serving of it right now !!

Stir Fried Foie Gras and Beef Cubes with Spring Onion

You can never go wrong with Foie Gras. All sauteed to the right marination surprisingly, in a Chinese cuisine. Even the most fussy eater will enjoy his bowl of rice.

Pan-fried Green Beans and Minced Pork in Spicy Sauce

Need to have some greens too ! Very spicy, goes well on a bowl of plain rice. I was looking out for more minced pork though, but otherwise nothing too special.

Deep-Fried Live Prawn Coated with Salted Egg Yolk

Of course, not forgetting our most beloved dish. It seems quite a common sight that we order this dish whenever we dine at a Chinese restaurant. I guess the pictures never do the food a good justification. The food presentation was in fact very pleasing to the eyes such that I took several shots of it.. But coming back to retrieve them now, none of them looks good enough to be featured. So please bear with this for awhile.  It doesn’t taste too bad, but I was hoping for more salted egg yolk though as the prawns are abit dry after the deep frying. Talking about this, I just cooked this dish again yesterday, and gosh, I used a sinful amount of 4 salted egg yolks and it was heavenly !!

Let’s end this post with a toast !!! And Cheers to more good food for everyone !!!

Lei Garden Orchard is located at :
321 Orchard Road, #03-00 Orchard Shopping Centre, Singapore
Tel: (65) 6734 3988
Opening Hours:
Lunch : 11.30am to 3pm
Dinner : 6pm to 11 pm


  1. hi joyce, even here also we cant just walk in and get suckling pig, need to preorder too. But sometimes some restaurants do promotion for suckling pigs then dont hv to order first. Yes, you really lazy..haha! i think you are my first friend to have a mini fridge in the bedroom!

  2. Eat What Tonight

    Hihi Lena, Sorry for the late reply.. been so busy lately with work.. Sigh !! Yeah I am such a lazy bone.. but then the fridge seems to be quite under utilised so far !!

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