A Home-Cooked Japanese Cuisine Affair

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I was given the title “3-Minute Heat (三分钟热度)” recently. Everytime I venture into something new, I will tend to make it a new hobby and I will really go all way out, as in buy all the necessary stuffs needed to sustain the new hobbe. But I can easily drag these stuffs for a couple of months before starting the project and by then, much of the passion has subsided. :(
Taking the recent miniature food clay art example, I went to gather all the materials needed, on several occasions somemore, at Daiso and Art Friend. But till date, all the stuffs are still lying on the shelf, waiting for me to start on. And way before that, I was quite into nail art, and naturally, gather some stuffs from gMarket and such. But eventually I still went for manicures at the salon.
For a period of time, I was quite into beads and crochet stuffs as well, because Mom is an expert at all these and she used to teach them at the community clubs. So naturally, I had all the materials and tutoring on hand for me to embark on. But I stopped these for a period of time because I was back at my cross stitching then. And when I had everything packed into the warehouse during the temporary shift, all these hobbes faded away gradually.
But surprisingly, the fire kindled back recently, though not a huge flaming fire, just probably a flicker now, it’s enough to bring me back to those art pieces and embark on another journey of “shopping” for new materials and stuffs. But apparently, I do not have the time to substantiate for all the hobbes still, and right on hand, I am attempting to complete one cross stitch before deciding on my next art piece.
Anyway, back to food. It came suddenly. The craving to start on some Japanese cuisine project at home. Of course, Meidi-ya supermarket becomes a must and as you know, the stuffs from this supermarket does not come cheap. I bought some mirin, bonito flakes and bread crumbs for the pork katsu. And as you know, I try to get the smallest bottle/pack as possible because seriously, I do not know when I will embark on this again. And really, since this last attempt, the almost-full bottle of mirin and bonito flakes still sits there and I feel so guilty about it.
Pork Tonkatsu Bowl (opps… it’s Katsu without the Don….I used plain rice instead, coz I just wanted to try out the taste of the Katsu first.)
Apparently I think I need more of the sauce than what’s stipulated in the recipe, to bring out the taste of the pork katsu…. Just the deep fried katsu itself is quite blend. And you definitely need to eat it with the eggs, onion and don as a package. It’s more favorful and satisfying.
And of course, it would be great to have some additional side dish to go along as well…
So let’s have some Chawanmushi too…
On the other hand, the soy sauce for the Chawanmushi should be reduced as it’s too salty to my liking. Otherwise, the texture is smooth and custardly, almost comparable to what’s sold in the restaurants. By the way, could you spot what’s wrong with the picture !! Hehehe.. It completely slipped my mind to take pictures of it and only realise it after I indulge in a few spoonfuls of the egg custard ! So hmm….you have to bear with the unsightly pictures of some half eaten chawanmushi…. hehehe…
I took all these recipes from YouTube, following the instructions and ingredients from there too. Here are the links :
How to Make Katsudon (Pork Tonkatsu Bowl) カツ丼の作り方
How to Make Chawanmushi (Steamed Egg Custard) 茶碗蒸しの作り方
These websites are really good, detailed yet simple to follow through. And most importantly, these are absolutely free resources !!


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