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The weather has been scorching hot in the June summer month. And realize I say “summer” when we do not have 4 seasons in Singapore, the hot weather is almost comparable to those countries who have and experiencing the same hot wave now. Even Korea, who is famed for its harsh cold winter, is currently experiencing a 30 degrees C hot spell.

A 10-minutes walk from from the train station to work place is getting me all hot and humid. Being exposed under the hot sun has deteriorated my skin and not to mention, the tons of skincare and sunblock I would need to replenish. The extreme weather is “forcing” all of us to chill in air-conditioned rooms and with escalating inflation, electricity bills are hitting a high note as well.
And being a tough time to be in from May ~ early August, a more than 90-days term where there is no Public Holidays, schools on vacation, Great Singapore Sale, crowded streets, rowdy children, over-worked adults, frequent contacts, the number of people catching the flu bug becomes more evident than usual.
That’s the cost of hot weather. Burning a way through our pockets with electricity bills, medical costs, UV protection skincare and slowly devouring into our health as well.
BUT but but>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
We can jolly well avoid all these exorbitant and unnecessary expenses if we manage to keep ourselves in good checks in the first place, understanding the need to constantly supplement ourselves with lotsa fluids, vitamin C and therefore….knowing that…..
Natural fresh fruit juices are the way to keep ourselves cooled and nourished during these hot times.
And how much does a pack costs ? A 1.75 litres is well below 10 bucks ! And hey, how much savings would you get in the long run for good health ? ~ I am sure this would be the best bargain you have heard for the day.
So do away with the sweetened canned drinks which will only make you thirstier with every bit of consumption and poses no health benefits. Instead, stuff your fridge now with…
~ Florida’s Natural Premium Fresh Fruit Juices ~
Then again, you might ask….
Why Florida’s Natural ??
Simply because only Florida’s Natural is a grower-owned initiative that produces the best citrus products possible. From land ownership to fruits nurturing, processing and packaging is done wholly by Florida’s Natural in the USA with no compromise made to quality assurance.As what you seen on the packaging, Florida’s oranges are wind-scarred due to the strong tropical winds of Florida, causing the oranges to brush against the branches and trunks of trees. But even then, the oranges remain the signature sweet and juicy Valencia oranges that are harvested every year.And the best part is ~ these oranges are finally made available at a supermarket near you !!!
100% Orange Juice ~~
If you take a closer look at Florida’s Natural® Brand, you will realize that it’s very different from the other juices that you see alongside supermarket displays. The grower’s painstaking efforts to ensure that only the finest juice are delivered from their grove right to your tabletop. And made available in 1.75-litre pack version ensures that everyone in the family can have more of its goodness.
Well, orange juice has been my favorite, as always !! As we know, freshly squeeze orange juice can be very sour, so the addition of sweeteners and sugar syrup is a common practice. However, the premium orange juice from Florida’s Natural does not taste sour and the sweetness of it comes from the natural freshness of the oranges, that are carefully chosen and juiced for its consumers.Also notice the nutritional facts :
0% fat, 0% sodium and 120% of Vitamin C !!!! ~ there’s a whole lot of goodness that you could ever imagine !
Cranberry was quite unheard of previously in the local scene. But ever since the health benefits of cranberries has been widely published in the recent years, cranberry juice in its subtle form, has been a popular choice among many people who wish to incorporate the benefits of this fruit into their diet, since the raw fruits itself are plainly too sharp and sour to be consumed on its own.
The clear distinction between Florida’s Natural’s Cranberry juice and other brands come from the words “NOT FROM CONCENTRATE”, meaning artificial flavorings and sweeteners are essentially excluded from their juices, ensuring the consumers of wholesome natural products.
So if you like what you just saw, head down to the nearest supermarket and grab some bustling sweet Florida’s oranges and premium fruit juices right now. Florida’s Natural Premium Fresh Fruit Juices are available at all major supermarkets island-wide.
Many thanks to Mr Jason Low of SPOC Solutions Pte Ltd and Florida’s Natural for the juices and oranges !
Hope everyone enjoy the oranges and juices as much as I do !!


  1. Yeah….Awesome stuff!! 

  2. not only the weather is extremely hot, it's also getting hazy for the past few days here causing more and more people to hv blocked nose and coughs. It's the first time i know about wind scarred ..thanks for sharing all the above.  Wishing you a beautiful day and drink more water..or juices!

  3.  thanks lena !! Yeah u take care too …. but one thing good about such weather is that durians are in abundance !!!… durians from m'sia that came here are so much that they are even cheaper than fuji apples now…

  4. thanks brady for dropping by my blog !

  5. i haven't tried the other flavors before, but florida's natural orange is the only orange juice i go for when i'm craving orange juice! and it's pretty good in cakes requiring orange juice too :)

  6.  Hi Janine, Ohh.. thats a good suggestion. I haven't tried incorporating Florida's Natural orange juice into bakes ! Shall tried it the next time !

  7. Hi, I chanced upon ur blog fm Blessed Homemaker's blog. My family loves Florida's most Pull orange juice too! We stock up 2 cartons every wk!Michelle

  8. Hihi Michelle ! Thanks for dropping by !!… Glad you love Florida's orange juice as much as I do !

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