Miniature Food Clay Art #1

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Hey peeps, I have a new hobby now !!! And so absolutely love the end product of it. And it’s related to food too !!!
Make a guess ??!!!
It’s the Miniature Food Clay Art !!
I attended a lesson at Rainbow House Miniature on a Saturday afternoon and was really pleased by the end product. The teacher was Kin, a very patient lady whom taught me the basic ropes of miniature food clay and do take a look at her website and all the amazing foodstuffs she does with clay.
And this is what I did for the lesson. A miniature cake and a plate full of pastries.
Although Kin said the cake and the tart are supposed to be the main focus in the tray, but somehow my favourite item on the dish is the croissant. It’s actually very very small only, probably half the size of a twenty-cents coin only and I find it the cutest and most alike among all !
Now I need to head down to Art Friend soon to get my own clay, paint colours, brushes, etc to continue on my next miniature food clay project. Hehehe…


  1. where did you attend the course? is it ex?

  2.  Hi Hanushi, the class is at Pagoda street in Chinatown. It's a one to one session with the teacher, Kin. Her website is at's $50 for 2.5 hours, including materials.

  3. So small and cute! And they look very real! Post more of your work here!

  4.  Hihi SSB, thanks !! Yes, I will! Hehe..

  5. You are so talented. I don't think my "fat" fingers can be good enough to do this delicate piece of art.

  6.  Haha Zoe !! Thanks for your compliments !! But not exactly talented lar.. haha.. just need lots of patience i guess. I realise it's actually quite similar to doing fondant ! :)

  7. now i see how small they are comparing to a 50cents coin. So small and yet so beautiful handwork!! is the kiwi real or fake one?

  8. thanks alot for e info!! :)

  9.  The kiwi is fake one !! Hehe.. in fact everything there are fake ones !!

  10. Wow, well done, look so beautiful!

  11. lol i thought it was really a cake. but how did you manage to make such delicate handcraft! :D so pretty indeedLatest: Pretty Whitesoot

  12.  Thanks Szehui !! :)

  13. Super cute! Thanks for sharing the info, it first time for me to know we can make your own miniature food clay. Very interesting, but I doubt that I have that patient to do it hahahahaaa …

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