Rezki Allah M. Haniffa Beryani Specialist @ Seah Inn Food Centre

Hmm…I know my posts have started to slow down…

Hmm…I know my time for reading others’ blogs has dropped significantly too….
But rest assured, I am still around. I have not disappeared…
Even though I may not leave comments on your blog so often now, but that doesn’t mean I never drop by.
So please be patient with me… while I get more settled down in the new job, network connection in the home can be strengthed (For goodness sake !! I have stayed in the house for half a year already and the Starhub network is still that LOUSY !!) and my duper old laptop and browser to stop hanging on me whilst loading pictures !!
Here’s a last minute craving that I had recently….
Rezki Allah M. Haniffa Beryani Specialist @ Seah Inn Food Centre
(Is “Beryani” the Malay word for “Briyani”?) ~ and what a long name this stall has…


Looks good, looks great, isn’t it?… but please don’t order Mutton Briyani…. though you see a huge chunk there, the meat is a bare minimum. You will be chewing on bones most of the times. Unless you don’t mind paying another premium like $4-$5 for some additional meat. That’s the equivalent of ordering another set of it. So be wise, chicken will it be and you will have less complaints.
Disclaimer : Never attempted the fish before though. But just got a feeling that it will be another tiny weeny piece. ^-^The curry is great nevertheless.


  1. I miss biryani (or however it's spelt!)….i love mutton biryani though…but yes, usually very bony! But yummy!

  2. Hihi Fern ! Yeah I love briyani too ! But I don't like the bones !

  3. usually we just call briyani too..long name…his name i think!

  4. hahaha.. is it ? That's a person name ?? No wonder it looks kind of strange to me.. hahah.. by the way, I have problems adding comments to your blog… it doesn't seem to appear at all.. I tried like at least 4 times already … is there a problem ?

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