Mini Food Trail in Old Tiong Bahru

Can you imagine I only started using an iphone since 2 weeks back ?? Sounds ridiculous isn’t it, even kids in the primary levels are having all kinds of smartphones nowadays. Well, previously I had a company mobile line which doesn’t have any data plan, and since I don’t see the need for an additional mobile line which I have to fork out on my own, I am contented with the basic phone. Furthermore, if I do have the need to access the Internet while on the move, there’s always the ipad around.
But after the major switch, which the new company does not entitle me for the same mobile benefit as before, I am forced to sign up for my personal line. Initially I thought since my usage wasn’t high, a basic mobile line will surfaced, but after comparing the bills after a month, I realise the difference between a basic mobile line and one with data plan is probably a +/-$10. To cut the story short, I upgraded myself to a data plan and yes, finally an Iphone.
Talk about the convenience of having one.. The pictures resolution which is highly raved about and I must compliment too, it’s indeed good, especially under natural light !!
~ Pictures taken using iphone~
Wednesday’s Dinner @ Ah Chiang Porridge
Though Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest housing estate in Singapore, it has become a vibrant estate with many yuppies and hipsters revolving around the place in the recent years. Other than its accessibility and convenient amenities, this is also a place filled with good treats and unique culture.
Ah Chiang Porridge ~ Located at Tiong Poh Street is one such stall of good history dated since 1971. It’s not exactly a place of convenient location, being tucked away at one corner of the lane. If you are coming by Tiong Bahru MRT, you probably need to ask your way around with a good 15-20 minutes walk.
Though it’s traditionally cooked under a charcoal stove, but as understood, much of it has been brought under the gas stove now. Having visited it for the dozen times, we took a leap and tried their new Abalone Mixed Porridge for a price of $4.80 for the first time. Not much difference from the traditional Mixed Pork Porridge ($3.75), I would say, with just the additional of some thinly slices abalone.
Abalone Mixed Porridge
Usually we prefer our porridge with egg, but this time round, the person forgets to ask and it completely slipped our minds as well. When cooked to a right consistency, a good porridge will not turn watery even after stirring it continuously during consumption. Ah Chiang porridge fits the bill.
Mixed Pork Porridge
If you are going in groups of a few numbers, there are some side dishes you can order as well to go with your porridge. One such good choice is a the sliced raw fish ($3.20), marinated in sesame oil and served with abundant ginger, spring onion and sliced chilli.
Ah Chiang Porridge is located at :
Blk 65 Tiong Poh Road #01-38
Operating hours : 7am to 2pm, 6pm to 12mn
Closed Alt Mondays 
Heading down to Eng Hoon Street by foot, we went for the famous Tiong Bahru Bakery, a collaboration headed by France celebrity chef, Gontran Cherrier and The Spa Espirit Group. It was almost 7 in the evening and the crowd wasn’t as bustling as we thought it would be. Probably most people would be heading for dinner and there goes less of the need to visit a bakery cafe then.
Oooopppps… I went back to realise I have missed out the bakery’s pictures !
So here’s one I adopted from website.
As we were still quite jumpy after the dinner, we pack the breads back for a hopeful breakfast the following morning. After some recommendation from the sales staff, we had the following :
Ham & Cheese brioche ($3.50), Chocolate Croissant ($3.20), Chocolate Mendiant with dried fruits and nuts ($6.50) (in clockwise direction).
Well as usual, these sweet treats never get to see dawn break. They were gone after a sinful supper indulgence.
Sorry for the poorly lit pictures as they were taken under the dim yellow lightning in the bedroom.
The chocolate croissant much exceeded our expectations, very crisp and buttery and filled with chunks of good chocolatey paste. You can feel the crispiness in the layers as you hold your bites into them. It much lifts up to its name as the trademark of the store.
Though chocolate mendiant is meant to be the store’s specialty but somehow we felt that it could be better without the chocolate ganache. The addition of bitterly chocolate doesn’t blend well on the taste buds and I suppose just the layers of fruits and nuts over the tart shell would be good enough to win us over.
The ham and cheese is a disappointment. Though I do not expect it to be light and fluffy like the Asian breads, but it was simply too dense and dry for our liking.
Still, I believe that since the bakery is such a hit ever since it drops by, there must be justifiable reasons for it. And furthermore, I have not tried the renowned Squid Ink Baguette which was sold out when we arrived, these certainly serve as valid reasons for re-visitation. Furthermore, it’s at a close proximity to home, so no hassle on travelling too.
Tiong Bahru Bakery by Gontran Cherrier is located at :
#01-70, 56 Eng Hoon Street
Tel: 6220-3430
Operating hours : 0800am – 0800pm (Daily)
Close on Tuesdays
Hope you enjoy what you saw.. and till then, let’s look forward to TGIF tomorrow. ^-^   



  1. When u going to bring ryon n me to eat ah chiang congee?!?!

  2.  Hahah.. come come.. come and drive me over…

  3. hey…i was just considering getting a new phone..not iphone tho..just another smartphone.I hvnt really been checking the price of iphones but i know most of them cost more than RM1000 that i feel a little reluctant to buy one..see how..i'm still looking around. i've dropped my current phone a few times and therefore 'sot sot tei' :D$4.80 for that abalone porridge is cheap even if the abalone are in thin slices. I see that there's another small plate besides that bowl of that slices of meat also? do you cook the meat in the porridge yourself? squid ink baguette? interesting..a black baguette?

  4.  hihi lena, wow. .. the prices of handsets in malaysia seem to be very expensive… but since ur phone seems to be retiring soon, hahaha.. u had better get one…The small plates besides the bowl of porridge is the sliced raw fish leh… we don't cook the meat in the porridge, it comes all cooked already though.  Yeah, you are right, a black baguette, look like charcoal bread though. But too bad it was sold out. :( 

  5. Once you have the apple, I am sure you will not look back those orange, hahaha.. Slowly you can not live without it…The porridge sound yummy .

  6.  hihi sonia, yes you are right ! Can't do without the apple already ! Hehee…

  7. Joyce, are you staying around Tiong Bahru area.  I only know about the porridge stall but the bakery shop sounds new to me.  Will check it out one day …  thanks for sharing nice food trail around tiong bahru.

  8.  Hihi Yummykoh, yes I am staying around Tiong Bahru area… in the new blocks at Havelock Road. U happen to be in the same area as well ??

  9. You mean those new blocks opposite Block 22?  I am behind block 22 …… you so lucky can get a unit there. 

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