Lunch with a Two-Year-Old

Dead beat. Is the word to describe me now-a-days. Training after training and it’s all the way until July. That’s what I have been having since the entourage of the new job. Weekends are becoming precious to catch up on household chores, beauty sleep, shopping, movie treats, which I have been real deprived of on the working weekdays.
So come this weekend, I am glad that parents and sis came over to Tiong Bahru Plaza (yes, now you know where I stay!) and we have a rare lunch occasion together. It wasn’t anything fanciful a dine but I would really love to share a very delightful picture that my youngest nephew portray during the meal.
Isn’t he adorable ? Some people commented that he looked like Xiao-Xiao-Bing ?!!


He and his deep bamboo rice bowl at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe. Poor boy, his baby seat is too low for the tall rice bowl and he had difficulty “digging” for the rice. But he seems to have no qualms about the extra effort needed to reach his rice bowl as long as there’s food to munch!!! Hahaha~


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    hello joyce, that's really a cute picture ..yeah, i do think it's a little difficult for him to get the rice, that's really a tall bamboo bowl. but quite special, huh? i wonder if the workers hv difficulty drying the bowls after washing them..hey, 2 more months to go to complete your training..maybe now it isnt that bad..who knows when the actual work comes, it will be even worse! haha! just kidding..anyway enjoy the coming weekend, i'm sure you are looking forward to it now!

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    Your nephew looks so cute! I really like the picture :D

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     Hihi Lena, yeah and can u tell he's quite a food lover too ? He loves to eat anything and everything ! …. His elder brother actually called him the "rubbish bin" where he will eat anything that they can't finish ! Hahaha…Precisely, I am so looking forward to weekends now that Friday approaches, I will be like so TGIF !!!

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     Thanks Ann !! My sis will be so happy to hear that !!

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    Joyce, your nephew is so adorable. His expression is so enjoying the food and the food looks so yummy, all thanks to him… :) and thanks for your encouraging words at my post.

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    Hihi Hanushi, yeah he really brightens up our day too.No worries about that, hope you are feeling better now already !

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