Canton Kitchen @ Simei Eastpoint Mall

Today gonna be a very meaningless post. Haha.. but still, I wanna blog about it ! ^-^
I think I am going all gaga about striking the lottery now. Day dream, night dream, sweet dreams. Haha..Talk about it.. Just the thought about what I can do with that extra cash make me all smiles for the day. Ok I know it’s unrealistic, but then no harm dreaming about it, right… :)
I was watching this K-drama about 4 maids striking a 100 billion won lottery and bought over their owner’s houses and lead a life of luxury thereafter. Not exactly luxury, but good enough for them to quit their jobs as maids and probably a life of less worries. I WISH FOR THAT TOO !!!
When we just graduate from school, we slog to gain work experience to stay competitive. When we are building our career, we slog to climb the corporate ladder (for some). When we get married, we slog to pay off housing loans. When we have children, we slog further to pay for their education. So when will all these slogging ever end ????
Anyway, to reward ourselves after a week’s of “slogging”, we had a mini feast at Canton Kitchen @ Simei Eastpoint Mall.
In the top left picture, we have the 3-combination consisting of Char Siew, Roast Duck and Roast Pork Meat. Personally I still prefer my-all-time-favorites of roast meat and char siew from Crystal Jade more than any others.
The 2nd picture on the top right is the restaurant’s specialty, being the Braised Beancurd with Minced Pork. It’s quite a homely dish, and you can find that Mum’s cooking taste in this dish, which is quite enlightening.
On a clockwise rotation, the second picture from the top right is the Stir Fried French Beans, cooked in a mild spicy prawn paste. In my humble opinion, I loved this dish to bits as it tends to go very well with a bowl of rice, and coupled with a mild spice, it’s just perfect for a vegetable dish that you should not missed out.
On the bottom left is the Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce served in a mini claypot. Guess how much this dish costs ? It’s $12 only ! I mean, for a restaurant pricing and standard, it’s considered very reasonable ! Even this dish from a Zhi Chay (typically a food stall selling Chinese Cuisine) stall in a coffee shop or hawker centre probably going to cost you the same or even more expensive. Furthermore, it goes pretty well on the taste buds too !
The second picture from the bottom left is the Yang Zhou Fried Rice. It will be quite filling to have this dish on its own for one. So do bear in mind to have a sharing session if you do order one. On a simple base of eggs, sliced lettuce and char siew bits, the fried rice is cooked to a right standard, never too drying or oily.
Last but not least, we ended the meal with a Mango Sago. Although the Mango Sago is pretty decent, but I won’t say it’s their specialty dessert though.
Canton Kitchen is located at :
3 Simei Street 6, #03-09/10
Eastpoint Mall
Singapore 528833
Tel : 6786 7737
Fax : 6786 3893
Just an update ~ My life has just got more hectic with the new job ! So baking and cooking has been frozen for the time being, except for the amos-alike cookies which my nephew adores. So for his sake, only these cookies will persist for the time being !! ^-^


  1. i think we asians are tend to live by what you quoted 'slogging'. We are looking very far into our future..dont even know whether that's good or bad :)

  2. Yeah lor.. Sometimes I also feel how wonderful it will be if we can have a balance of the european culture as well, that we can just leave down everything and go for a long break if we can. But then somehow, as asians, we have to much to worry for to be able to really do that.

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