Sunshine New Enriched Corn & Bran Bread

Although I am really into baking, but many often than not, having the time to bake mine own home breads can be a luxury, since I still have a day job to take care of. Having made my own breads previously, bread making is nevertheless a time consuming one. You need a whole lot of good time for the entire bread making process, from kneading to proofing to shaping and finally baking. But many of us choose to do that mainly because of good health benefits. In short, we will never fail to label any home-made food as wholesome, nutritious and definitely, beneficial in keeping us in the pink of health.BUT….. What if there is a new kind of bread that serves to work all these purposes together and yet still being able to allow for your indulgence in it without having to sacrifice much of your precious rest time ??


Our very own home-grown enterprise, Sunshine Bakeries has introduced an all new Corn & Bran Bread !! 

Combining nutritional and health benefits with great taste of sweet corn, the Enriched Corn & Bran Bread is Singapore’s first Corn and Bran variant !

Wheat bran is high in dietary fibre, rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins and is low in fats, with no cholesterol. Diets high in wheat bran have consistently demonstrated great health benefits such as lower cholesterol, healthier hearts and improved intestinal health. 
And most importantly, even though bread is commonly known for a staple food BUT this bread is not going to make us fat in anyway !! So Ladies, SCREAM !!! 
Why is this so then ? 
Well, an interesting facet about wheat bran is that people report a feeling of fullness after consuming it, making it an ideal food to have if one is attempting to lose weight. Corn is a rich source of fibre and being a low-fat complex carbohydrate, too, deserves a regular place on any healthy table.So this Enriched Corn & Bran Breadsuccessfully combines the wholesomeness of corn and wheat bran in every sense !!
At this point in time, you must be wondering how the bread gonna taste like, since it’s gonna be such a healthy dish. In my impression, anything that is rich of health benefits uses natural ingredients which are often plain tasting, lacking in fragrance and favours. And can it really beat the soft and tenderly texture of home breads ?
Well, you might be surprised ! Sunshine’s new product is wonderfully generous with sweet corn and wheat bran, having a refreshing fragrant aroma and being delightfully soft too. Not willing to compromise on its taste, texture and aroma, Sunshine has carefully addressed the concerns of the growing health conscious population too, by ensuring that this bread is an excellent addition to the nutritious, tasty and wholesome assortment.
Looking at the bread itself, I suppose you can easily eat it on its own for all its goodness or even dab it with some low cholesterol peanut butter if you wish. 
Do head to the nearest supermarket store and grab a loaf right now !!
Sunshine Enriched Corn & Bran Bread is available at all hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, petrol marts and general retailers at the retail price of S$2.95 each.


  1. ya i tink u r right , i bought 1 pack when the promoter keep telling me to buy…..NO REGRET!

  2. wow..sounds very interesting..Tasty Appetite

  3.  Hihi Tommy !.. Glad u like it too !

  4.  Hihi Jay, yes ! Do give it a try !!

  5. sounded so good that making me want to get this straight away..i must go and chk the supermarket here see they have it or not..but i doubt. So is Sunshine you future employer? LOL!

  6. That's a very GOOD one !! HAHAHAHA !! But no no… Sunshine is definitely not my future employer!!! ^-^

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