Muah Chee (Sticky Glutinous Snack)

I used to love walking around pasar malam (night market) stalls when I was a kiddy and would get all excited knowing one is coming to our neighbourhood. But somehow as I grow older and get to travel around, I find that the pasar malam stalls in the local scene are not as vibrant as those overseas. Ours are usually on a much smaller scale and tend to be mobile, shuttering between different neighbourhoods. Whereas places like Taiwan and Bangkok works on a bigger scale, are fixed on locations and has a more colourful backdrop in comparison. 
The food too, in the local night markets are pretty restricted, probably due to strict hygiene reasons. Furthermore, with the warm humid weather, night market is probably not the best place to enjoy while shopping here.  But there’s a certain food that I will not miss when going on a pasar malam tour here. It’s the Muah Chee ! Also known as the sticky glutinuous snack.
I was in Chinatown on a Sunday evening and browsing through the night market stalls where I saw a small pack of these going at $2 each. Gosh, I could jolly well make one whole lot of it myself with the same amount ! Look at how chewy and soft the texture is when it’s freshly made, kept warm and ready to serve !
Probably I am one of those who always shared the thinking whereby the pasture is greener on the other side. But somehow, many people whom I spoke to recently have changed my thoughts slightly. I guess I should be appreciated by the greenery, the safety and convenience of the little island that we are in even though we are not as liberal and vibrant as the other cities. ^-^
Muah Chee (Sticky Glutinous Snack)
  ~recipe adapted from Hot Favorites Kueh
   Ingredients :
   150g glutinous rice flour
   30g tapioca starch
   3/4 cup water
   30g sugar
   1 cup peanuts (grinded)    Method : 
   1. Sift glutinous rice flour and tapioca starch, combine with water to mix well.
  2. Place in a mould which has been brushed with oil. Place in the steamer to steam over medium heat for about 15 mins.
  3. While it is still warm, place it into a plastic bag and add sugar. Knead till the texture is chewy.
  4. Then tear into small pieces and coat with grinded peanuts.


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