Macadamia Banana Chiffon Cake

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Dear Beloved Oven,
Although it may seem that I have forsaken you for awhile, but deep in my heart, I knew I have not. Your journey with me has been a rough one, right from the beginning. From one big move to another, from one household to another and from one unfamiliar environment to another, leaving you harder to adapt each time.
I still remember the times where you have to be put away to a cramp six feet shelter where darkness and cold walls surround and hardly any room for a breathing space. But you manage to survive, without a hinge of sickness or poor health. There and then, I knew you will always be my faithful companion.
Be glad that all the tough times and rough patches have been put behind us. Let’s embark on a brand new journey together and I hope that our relationship will just prosper and grow in abundance as we work together to feed the people we loved with our delightful bakes.
Rest assured that you will always be in my heart, no matter how distant I may grow at times due to the busy schedule. Unless you make the choice to terminate our relationship prematurely, me, on my part will never leave you in the lurch to grow old,  mouldy and un-utilised.
So let’s continue to pray for wisdom and good skills to create more eventful bakes and foods for our beloved families and friends once more.
Your Owner
P/S : Here’s one for a start. ^-^ Although it’s not well-done, but we will embrace and work even harder from now on to make up for our long-lost time together.


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