Kueh Talam Pandan (Tray Cake)

I am down with a cold bug. Not exactly a pleasant situation to be in. And yet, it’s not serious enough to be warrant with a medical chit. So here I am, still multi-tasking, writing and debating with the virus. Honestly speaking, I am also not keen into visiting any physician unless the bug has genuinely gotten out of control. But the eyes are getting heavier with each passing minute… so I guess I shall continue blogging to perk myself up abit.
I was reading this article on Yahoo that the happiest times of a person’s life starts from the golden age of 33 ! And I will be there in another year’s time !!! Opppsss, now you know my age !! Hahaha, anyway it’s never a secret for me. Everyone grows old one day. But will 33 be a turning point for me indeed ???? I sure do look forward to it then !!
How true has this been for those who has overcome this age ? ^-^ Do share, please !
I am still on my Kueh-kueh expedition and here’s some Kueh Talam to savour over the weekend.
Frankly speaking, I have never tried this before prior to making it. But seeing that one of the ingredients uses alkaline water which I am desperately trying to finish up, the Kueh Talam is formed ! ^-^
So what is it exactly ??
This is from Wikipedia : Kuih talam (tray cake) is a kueh consisting of two layers. The top white layer is made from rice flour and coconut milk, while the bottom green layer is made from green pea flour and extract of pandan leaf.

Since it’s an extract of pandan leaves, so you can be sure the taste is pretty pandan, chewy and with a sweet touch from the coconut milk. The recipe yields quite a huge portion of an 8-inch cake size which is too much to consume on its own. So it’s better to half or even one-thirds it. Also, I think I will attempt equal portions of the white and green layers the next round. Somehow, I prefer the coconut milk layer more than the green one.

It’s Thursday. One more day to TGIF ! Has the weekend mood reaches you already ?? ^-^
Kuih Talam Pandan
  ~recipe modified from Agnes Chang Hawker’s Delights~

   Ingredients :

   Bottom layer :
A (mixed) :
180g rice flour
   30g green pea flour
   300ml water

B (liquidated and strained) :
6 pcs pandan leaves
   480ml water

1 tsp alkaline water
   250g sugar

Top layer (cooked until thick) :
300ml coconut milk
40g rice flour
20g corn flour
150ml water
1 1/4 tsp salt

Method : 

  1. Put all ingredients for bottom layer together, mix and strain into a saucepan. Cook with low fire until thick. Pour into a 22cm steaming tray and steam with high heat for 30mins until cooked.

  2. Mix all ingredients for top layer together and strain. Cook until thick. When the bottom layer is cooked, slowly pour in the top layer and steam for 15-20 mins until cooked.

3. Remove, cool before cutting (best to cut after chilling in fridge for awhile).



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