Home-Made Kaya (Coconut Jam) Toast

Kaya comes from the Malay word of “Srikaya”, also referring to coconut egg jam, is typically enjoyed on bread toast. In recent years, where many home-grown bread and butter toast cafes has been sprouting up like nobody’s business, we are particularly drawn to the attention of this luscious green and sometimes brownish custard-like texture stuff that kept so many people loving it.
But why do so many people still go for the traditional Kaya when we can have lotsa of other choices now ? There’s peanut butter, nutella, cheese, garlic spread and so on and so forth.
I guess it’s stem mainly from our roots as Asians. This tradition has been past down from generations way before us, with our grandparents or even earlier, having their daily sip of Kopi (coffee) with a kaya bread toast at the nearby Kopitiam (Coffee Shop) with some good old neighbours over a gossip session during breakfast. This scene is apparently very familiar in the seventies and eighties.
Now-a-days, this good old tradition has been repackaged and marketed as various toast cafes where many people not only go there for breakfast gossip session, they are there at all times of the day, whenever they need a coffee break, a meeting place, a resting stop, just anytime. Cool, isn’t it ? And this kind of concept is well-received by both the old and Y-generation. ^-^
Alrighty, enough of the marketing talk, let’s head on to some real premium XO quality Kaya now…..Made from….. the Home !!

Served warm on a piece of bread toast……. it’s heavenly !! No one in your family will want to skip breakfast with this anymore !!
Though gross as it may seem. But still….nothing beats home-made….. for sure…..
Well, this impromptu picture pops up since it’s so applicable for today’s topic.
Apparently this kiddo has a flare for promoting Ya Kun Kaya toast, isn’t it ! Hahaha ! One more probable to add to the list ~ kiddos go toast cafes for play-doh session perhaps ??? ^-^He’s mine nephew by the way. No rewards for guessing it right though. Blah. :Þ
Home-made Kaya Toast
  ~recipe adapted from Good Food Magazine April 2012 Issue~
*Makes about 1 cup*
   Ingredients :

   4 eggs, lightly beaten and strained
160g white caster sugar
160g fresh coconut milk, strained

   2 pandan leaves, washed and bundled

   toasted bread and chilled salted butter, to serve

Method : 

  1. Place the eggs, sugar, coconut milk and pandan in a heatproof bowl.
  2. Fill a medium-sized, deep saucepan with water 5cm deep and bring it to the boil over medium heat. Place the bowl containing the mixture on top of the saucepan, ensuring that bottom of the bowl does not touch the water. With a whisk, stir the mixture slowly and continuously in one direction, taking care to not break loose the pandan leaf bundle.
  3. After 10 mins, reduce heat to medium-low and continue stirring for another 10 mins, or until the kaya reduces to a slightly runny, jam-like consistency. *** I further blend the kaya in a blender for around 10 seconds for a smoother texture.
  4. Spread the kaya on warm toasted bread and top with a thin slab of butter. Store the remaining kaya in an airtight container in the fridge. It should keep for 2-3 weeks.

  ~Cook the kaya to a slightly runnier consistency than usual jams or it might over-thicken upon storage.
  ~Kaya will keep unrefrigerated in an airtight container for about three days, or chilled for three weeks.
  ~As coconut milk tends to turn rancid quite easily in our climate, it is best to dispose of the kaya if it starts to discolour or smell sour.
  ~The alternative way to making kaya is to steam the mixture of ingredients for approximately an hour.


  1. Your recipe looks great! :)But how do you steam the mixture? Is stirring require while steaming??

  2.  Hihi Mylenetan, Thanks !! Yes, I stirred the mixture while steaming, continuously stirring for about 20 mins and it's done !

  3. good morning joyce,  your kaya doesnt look gross at all, looks yum!! i hv finished eating my home made kaya already, shall make another batch when i hv time. cute kid! he's really sinking his teeth into the kaya toast! I havent heard of steaming method, i'm wondering if that will take longer to cook..

  4.  Hello Lena !! Haha.. nice kaya when it's home-made, isn't it… Yeah I think it will take longer to cook if you just leave it there to steam. One hour.. But with continous stirring, I took 20 mins. So I guess it's still faster to stir. Hehehe.

  5. Enjoy kaya toast with a cup of kopi, yummy!

  6. Sounds like a good alternative method. I love toast with kaya and butter. Better still with half boiled eggs. What an adorable baby and a smart one who know how to appreciate homemade kaya. LOL!

  7. Hi Veronica ! Yes, kaya toast with half boiled eggs has never been out of fashion for a traditional breakfast, isn't it.. Oh.. the little kiddo appreciates  all kinds of foods except chilli !!.. Hahaha ..

  8. Making and eating kaya is a tradition in our family….best when eaten with youtiao!! Do you put pandan juice or does it just becomes pale green in colour? I've got pandan leaves in the fridge but no mood to make!! haha

  9. Kaya is my favourite and you have found such a cute roti-boy to be your model! :)

  10.  Hihi Fern,  I did not put any pandan juice. I guess it's the result of the eggs colour after continuous stirring and steaming. It just turns to this dull green colour naturally.

  11.  Thanks Hanushi ! You suggested a good nickname for him !.. Hahaha. Much better than 小胖which he is being called.. Hahaha!

  12. Hi Joyce, delicious kaya… nothing beat the homemade kaya.  I cook mine in double boiler for 2 hours, but first hour must stir every five minute.No doubt 2 hours but end result is worth it.Have a great week ahead.

  13. Hi there, this is a nice post.  It would be great if you linked to it in my Food on Friday series.   Food on Friday – Asian Food  

  14. i'm craving for some homemade kaya now! your kaya looks thick – just the way i like it!

  15. Wow.. 2 hours.. but as you said, the result must very good !!

  16. Already linked up !

  17. Haha Janine, go and make some now !

  18. Great that you linked in.  Don't worry I'll take the duplicate link out for you.

  19.  Yes, it's a good combi for an afternoon tea !

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