Ham and Cheese Baked Rice

I really think this would be an idea. Those working in the East and staying in the West to swop their jobs with those working in the West and staying in the East. Maybe there could be a formal scheme and authorities to step in to implement the change ?? And for certain, employers must give their utmost support too. Travelling time will be shorten which can translate to better quality sleep and family bonding time, thus producing happier and healthier workers, increasing productivity and generating more revenue for the companies and employers and on an even wider scale, economy will improve and the entire nation will be benefitted !
Hahaha ! Am I going abit too far fetched now ? Of course, for those working in the town area, this may not necessarily apply. Be it or not, you have to travel, unless you are also staying in the city region. But I can really see this as an initiative to improve the overly congested trains in the peak hours every morning !
Ok, to admit, I am not staying in the East nor West. My work place is a mere 2 train stops away…but even then…. I am already in the grumbles ! So my heart really goes out to those who stay in the suburbs and having to wake up in the wee hours to start the day’s work is in fact already exhausting, moreover to be kept jammed in a sardine-pack train all the way to work place.  
And having say that, I am very much glad that the weather this morning was a blissfully right one, so much so that it has kept me out of frustration, impatient and humidity in waiting for a 15-minutes train service before I could finally board. But is everyday going to be like today ??
Lovely weather produces patience, and patience induces good mood for cooks. Hahaha ~ Ok, that applies to me only ! So here is a patiently crafted ham and cheesey baked rice where small pieces of ham and cheese are placed alternately, one after another…
And as you can see, this is really a make-shift cheesey bake rice. I just dump whatever I can find in the fridge into it. The remaining shrimps, the parmesan cheese left-over from the pasta, and every slice of the cheddar cheese remaining and of course, the leftover plain rice. 
The only extra ingredient I bought was the ham, which I was lamenting between pork luncheon meat and this, and finally I settled upon the ham, mainly because baked rice is a pretty much ‘westernised’ dish and luncheon meat doesn’t seem to blend well with the cheese. But why luncheon meat in the first place ?? Well, my typical choice of asian fried rice should come with bits of luncheon meat coz I loved it that way ! And again, this only applies to me… hehe. 

As I wanted to post this yesterday… but could not find the time to do it… so here’s a very impromptu greeting to all ~ Happy Belated April Fools Day ! ^-^



Ham & Cheese Baked Rice

  ~own recipe~


   Ingredients  :

6-8 slices of cheddar cheese, cut into small pieces
   100g ham, cut into small pieces  
   8-10 prawns, de-shelled

   40g mixed vegetables
   Parmesan cheese (as desired)
   1/2 large onion, chopped
   2 tbsps cooking oil
   1 tbsp chopped garlic   
   1 cup of rice, preferably left overnight
   1 egg 
Seasoning :
   Adequate salt & pepper to taste
   1 tsp of dark soya sauce
  1. Heat oil in wok. Add in chopped garlic and onion and stir fried till fragrant.   2. Add in prawns, 30g of ham and mixed vegetable and stirred till cooked. Add in rice and egg, followed by seasoning and fried till fragrant.  3. Dish fried rice onto oven baking dish and topped with small pieces of cheese and balance ham alternately, with one overlapping the other slightly.    4. Pop baking dish into oven and bake at 160 degrees C for 30 minutes.
  5. Serve. 



  1. Lazy people like me prefer this one dish meal. Looks very delicious.

  2. Haha Ann, you are right.. and I am one such lazy people too ! And simple dish are good for small families, less cleaning up too !

  3. i was about to ask you are you staying very far away from your work place until i read further that you are not. It's totally a different situation here cos i'm living in a small town, no trains/mrt within the city, traffic jam..hardly unless probably during school holidays and only happens in certain areas! Envy me!! LOL! Hope it's going to be  a lovely weather for you tmrw so that you can cook again!

  4. Hahaha ! Exactly right… I stay near town and yet I still have to be caught in the train jam…  so you can imagine how cramp this little red dot is already !! Your place sounds so comforting lor… I really don't mind staying there for the rest of my life, if there's a chance.. Hahah!!!

  5. it is comforting but sometimes can also be boring..not much activities, so early early 8pm , lock the gate, lock the door and go to sleep!  People say Ipoh is a nice place to retire, hahaha!

  6.  Haha.. I was about to say that too.. your place sounds like a good retirement place.. compared to our hectic lifestyle here, I think even retired already, we probably still need to slog to pay off our house !

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