Ultimate Vanilla Ice Blended

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What’s your favourite drink at the Coffee Bean ? For me, it would be the Ultimate Vanilla Ice Blended (with extra vanilla powder, of course). I seldom take hot beverages and even plain water, I prefer icy cold ones. My mum ever once commented that even when I was a baby, I would only enjoy my milk when it’s cold ! Gosh, I know it’s not a healthy habit to go around, considering many were telling me that this will deterioate my health, especially if I am in my old age. I guess I better take heed and start drinking hot now !
Nevertheless, let’s come back to this famous drink from Coffee Bean. It is quite an expensive drink on the menu, costing around $8.10 for a large cup. And despite topping up the Coffee Bean prepaid card to utilise the points for rebates, it gets run out very often, say less than 2 weeks each time. So you can tell that’s the frequency we go for this drink.
So now, have you guess what I am gonna do next ?. Haha ! Yes, you are right, making my very own replica of the Ultimate Vanilla ! The staffs at Coffee Bean were really kind enough to answer my queries, so I suppose it’s not any trade secrets. Anyway it’s pretty obvious how they made the drink too, coz by standing there and watching while waiting, you could tell what ingredients go into the drink as well.

To get a true replica of it, I bought the essential items from Coffee Bean as well, namely the vanilla powder and chocolate coated expresso beans. In additional, you also need the Rich blend 3-in-1 coffee mix and light whipped cream from any supermarkets.
Tadah !! The taste is almost identical ! Or I should say, entirely the same ! And I can control the sweetness by the amount of vanilla powder added. You have the comfort of your home as the backdrop to enjoy this fabulous drink. Not to mention the cost savings involved. Life is wonderful, isn’t it. Haha ! @_@ Ok, I am exaggerating abit here, but well, for those who love this drink to bits, do have a go at making one yourself. You won’t be disappointed !
To complement this drink,  I came out with a joke. That I am so gonna open up a coffee house as well, selling the same and I gonna name the place “Coffee Tree” ! Coz a “Tree” is so much bigger than a “Bean” and I will certainly be able to beat the bean’s business !… Haha!
Ulitmate Vanilla Ice Blended
(makes 1 cup)

  ~Own Recipe~

  Ingredients :
  1 cup ice
1 sachet of Rich Blend 3-1 coffee mix
1/2 cup boiling water
1/4 – 1/2 cup vanilla powder (depends on how sweet you want)
6-8 chocolate coated expresso beans
Light whipped cream (optional)

  Method :
  1. Mix sachet of coffee mix with boiling water and stir completely. Leave in chiller to chill completely before use.

2. Combine ice, coffee, vanilla powder and expresso beans in a blender and blend till smooth.

3. Pour into cup and topped with whipped cream, if required.

4. Serve cold.

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  1. This is an amazing recipe just did it for me and my kids we added fresh mint leaves which really made it and some chocolate sprinkles on top, delicious.

  2. Wow.. mint leaves sound like a good idea.. must be very cooling then.. I shall try it the next time too..

  3. Joyce this looks soooo good.  I hope to find a decaf version!

  4. excellent! seriously i didnt know that the coffee beans can just be blended like that..i hv very little knowledge abt coffee, this certainly looks like a terrific coffee drink!!

  5. haha ! I am also not a coffee lover, but this drink doesn't have much coffee taste coz of the vanilla .. so I guess this is an exception for me.

  6.  Edith, how about substituting the coffee for milo instead ? I have yet to try this out though.. :)

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