Seafood Lingunie Pasta with Portobello Mushroom & Bacon

I was craving for some pasta and since there was no good ones around the neighbourhood, we decided to cook some for ourselves, without any recipe, without any guidance and just put together our “own anyhow-version” of lingunie pasta. Remaining with some frozen prawns and scallops, we headed to the supermarket to grab the balance items necessary. We bought lingunie, portobello mushroom, olive oil and bacon and these alone already cost around 20 bucks ! Talking about inflation, money really appears much smaller in value these days.
It shouldn’t be too difficult, I told myself. Well, it really isn’t, except for the small hiccups here and there. So systematically, we followed through the pasta cooking process. Cooked the pasta in boiling water, grilled the bacon, stir fried the mushrooms, prawns and scallops, pan fried the lingunie in garlic, olive oil and herbs, topped with lotsa parmasan cheese and that’s it !
The small hicuup is that I was given the wrong advise to pan fried the pasta till it turns light brown. Hmm… I guess there isn’t this need to ? Coz by then, the pasta has sticked to the pan and resulted in many small broken pieces of the lingunie rather than nice long ones you should see. 
Although it’s not as professionally presented, but surprisingly, it’s quite delicious ! Less the MSG taste served from outdoors dining, coupled with true home-made favours, and as you desire, extra ingredients are as per your wish, just like those meatballs sitting in the corner. ^-^ 


Here you see the forever-hungry-looking dog aiming “shamelessly” at the dining table, waiting for food to drop from the sky. Spoilt to the extreme.


  1. Hi Joyce,All dogs are similar. They just love to wait near the table eventhough they had just taken their meal. What food do you feed your dog daily? Is it home cooked dog food or those dry dog kibbles? Sally

  2.  Hi Sally, the dog is having home cooked dog food everyday because she has quite bad skin problems so we are leaving out all canned dog food. As for dry food kibbles, she has as snacks too but it's under doctor's prescription.

  3.  ah tze, yes you are right ! It's my favourite pasta too and cooking it in olive oil is very fragrant.

  4. when I eat pasta, I'll away look for linguine. This kind of olive oil base one is just lovely!

  5. even with a simple stir fry pasta, it taste good and i put in lots of garlic too. My dog doesnt come in to my house but she will bark her lungs out when we are having dinner, though she cant see us but she can hear the noises of the plates and the bowls and the fork..yeah..agree..hungry dogs!

  6. Yeah Lena, and can u imagine the dog is still barking even though she just had her meal… Obviously they doesn't know when they are full!

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