Meringue Cookies

This is the last installment on the unexpected twist of events on a beautiful Saturday. What was originally planned out turns out to be otherwise. A set of meringue cookies were chunned out from a convenient mistake. Hmm.. maybe not a mistake, just some careless coincidence, I guess.
Left with some egg whites from the creme brulee earlier and in tune with AB’s theme this month, macarons sound like a good idea. Just when all was done and prepared, ready for piping, I couldn’t locate the plain round piping tip ! Searching high and low, the tip just seem to have vanished into thin air. I could find all sorts of other tips, just not the one I wanted. And this is not something whereby I could just grab from the supermarkets ! So even if I planned to make a 3rd or 4th trip to one nearby, the chances of buying one is pretty impossible.
Then what about the macarons batter that I had painstakingly prepared ?? Refusing to compromise with the situation, I used a star tip instead, tweaked the baking time and had everything chunned out into trays of meringue cookies, each sprinked with a generous dab of Valrhona chocolate powder.
Well, I called this “forced by situation”. Surprisingly, these cookies turn out to be pretty neat ! Sweet and crisp with a nice almondy crunch. 
I guess I won’t post the recipe here, since this was not what it was intended to be. But if you ever encountered such a problem like mine, pop them into the oven and instead of the baking time as originally stated for macarons, bake them at 120 degrees C for 30 minutes and reduced to 90 degrees C for another 1 hour.  
I guess the day isn’t that bad after all, isn’t it ? 人生其实可以很美,只看你要迮么去看它…


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