Home-made Curry Puffs

One of those days whereby what can go wrong will go wrong. And everything is just so coincidentally wrong which will be mentioned in a series of few posts that will continue from here…
Feeling pretty ambitious on a beautiful Saturday, here’s the to-do-list. 
1) Curry Puffs, I am always a spice lover, especially for curries. Be it curry chicken, rendang, curry fish head, prata with indian curry, you name it, I love it. But seeing that prices of famous brands curry puffs like OCK and A1 has been increasing for the past few years, I am challenged to find out if the high price justify the effort involved. I shall elaborate this later in the post.
2) Creme Brulee, it’s been awhile since I last had this sweet dessert. Looking at the recipe for the longest time, I finally made an attempt to try it out. The ingredients were simple and it doesn’t look too complicated to put all things together. So we shall see….
3) A Good Old Pound Cake, Rose Levy Beranbaum’s perfect pound cake never fails to charm me even though I had made this a couple of times. Another reason being I had stocked up lotsa butter when it was on promotion during the CNY season and this is a perfect recipe to use up the excess butter which calls for a large amount of it. Well, that’s the problem with me, often stocking up when prices are good and rushing to clear them before they expire. But disappointed to mention, this plan never materialise for all the wrong reason.
4) Macarons, to use up the egg whites resulting from the creme brulee made. And well, it’s in line with this month AB’s theme too. But then again, things go wrong and this plan is conveniently converted to another recipe of similar choice.
I shall introduce the curry puffs first. I headed to the supermarket, bought the ingredients lacking, like curry powder, chicken meat and onions. When the dough has been prepared, filling cooked and wrapping done, then I realised I ran out of cooking oil for deep-frying the puffs ! Feeling already exhausted, I headed to the supermarket a 2nd time and bought cooking oil.
Finally, some decent puffs to chew on.


But due to my poor skills in wrapping the filling, half of them actually opened up during deep-frying time. Here are some of the better looking ones. Fortunately, for a consolation, the taste turn out to be pretty decent, the crust was real crispy and crusty. But the filling could have been better with more spice. I guess I will add chilli powder on top of curry the next time.But then again, I took 15 mins to prepare the dough, an hour to prepare and cook the filling, another hour to finish wrapping up all the puffs and a good half an hour to finish deep-frying them. I used up quite a fair bit of cooking oil in the process and taking into consideration other ingredients and the time concerned, the cost involved don’t seem too economical. Unless I need to make them for a bigger group of audience, I guess I shall just stick to store-bought puffs for the time being. ^-^    


Well, this time round, I can’t be greedy. If I were to top the filling to the brim, it will be difficult to wrap and the dough skin will tear. So there has to be a good grip on the thickness of the dough skin and the amount of filling wrapped.   
Nevertheless, this recipe is still a keeper worth mentioning !
Curry Puffs
(makes 24 pieces)

  ~recipe modified from Agnes Chang Hawker’s Delights~

  Ingredients :
  Dough :
  240g plain flour, sifted with
  1/2 tsp salt
  90g butter
  4 tbsp cold water
  Filling :
  200g chicken meat, diced
  2 potatoes, boiled, peeled, diced
  1 onion, diced
  2 springs curry leaves
  2 tbsp curry powder, mixed with 3 tbsp water
  2 tbsp cooking oil
  5 cups oil for deep-frying
  Seasoning :
  1 tsp chicken stock granules
  1/3 tsp salt
  3 tbsp water

  Method :
  1. Pastry : Rub butter into flour using finger tips until they resemble bread crumbs. Slowly add water and mix until it becomes a pliable dough. Cover and leave to rest for half an hour.
  2. Filling : Heat up oil, saute curry paste, curry leaves and onion until fragrant. Add in chicken meat and stir well. Add potatoes, seasoning and cook until dry. Taste and dish up. Cool completely before use.
  3. Roll pastry into 2mm thick, cut into 5cm rounds. Put one tsp of filling onto the pastry and fold into semi-circle. Pinch to make decorative edge.
  4. Heat up the oil and deep fry the curry puffs until they turn golden brown.  5. Drain the excess oil and serve hot.                       



  1. I love curry puff too especially with a little more spicy! Yours look so perfect  :)

  2. my family love curry puff too, enjoy with a cup of Teh Tarik, yum!

  3. Yes, do agree with you that making a small batch is not so economical but then it's the achievement and self-satisfaction  that are gratifying.

  4. good work, joyce! as much as i enjoy eating curry puffs, i find it may be a lil tedious for me to do the dough, wrapping especially and frying.. Having said that, dont be suprised one day you see me doing these curry puffs cos we just love to make all sorts!!

  5.  Yes Ann, in fact i will love it VERY spicy !.. Hehe..

  6.  Wow.. sounds perfect for an afternoon tea break !

  7. yeah agreed… and that's if others also appreciate the food ! Sometimes the people in my house often complain I waste time and electricity baking coz can easily buy from outside !.. And I will be like…. Argh !!

  8.  I won't be surprised if you really do that, lena coz you are a talented cook and baker and pretty sure you can accomplish foods of all sorts !

  9. yum looks good! i've always wondered how to make these, thanks for sharing!

  10.  Hihi, no problem, hope you enjoy these puffs too !!

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