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Today gonna be a long post yeah. Since my last post, I have been rather obedient and did not indulge in further Korean dramas. But I just received some new ones from my mum recently, so…. hmm…. I shall see. :Þ
More than 4 months into the new house, we are still funishing it with stuffs on and off. In order not to burst our budget at one shot, we actually decided to funish it slowly on a monthly basis, meaning to buy one piece of furniture/appliance every month only. Just this month, we had some furniture from Ikea, though you probably can view them from their generous catalogue every time, I shall not bother you with those pictures here. Instead, there are some small items which I really want to share coz they liven up the house greatly. 
Wood Painting, Sunflower 
The main reason why I bought this painting was because of its wooden frame. It’s very different from the usual frame we saw and it complements the theme of the house well. The little house is the picture is my ideal home, on a backdrop of greenery and a lake. So much serenity into it. Life’s will be great to live on such a calm and peaceful countryside, isn’t it. ^-^
The big sunflower. My favourite flower. It’s bright and cheery and because I can’t seem to get my real sunflowers to grow, so I had a fake one to replace it. Initially I saw a similar one online and almost bought it and I am just so glad I found this as it costs only half of the price online. So how much would you guess this sunflower cost ? ^-^
On a side note, I didn’t know spring onion can be grown this way. Talking about mountain tortoise, there’s one right here. I first saw this at my mum’s place and was so amazed that spring onion actually sprouts from the yellow onion. So here’s my own attempt at it. And surprisingly it really isn’t that difficult to grow and most importantly, the spring onion plays a very important role in food garnishing as you can see later.
Of course life will not get better without FOOD ! On this luxurious weekend, well, I called it luxurious because finally I manage to spare out time to cook. As far as my memory counts, this is probably our 2nd  self-cook meal in the new house only. Sad to mention. But still better late than never. Here are the dishes for the day.
From top left, clockwise, Stir Fried Japanese Green with Scallops, Sweet & Sour Prawns, Fried Egg with Chai Po and Mutton Rendang.
All these are very simple dishes which are not very difficult to put together.But nevertheless, the preparation and cleaning up time still far exceeds the food enjoyment time, which is a cause to hesitate when it comes to cooking. Especially when it’s just food for 2 persons, sometimes it just seems all more economical to dine out than cook in. 
To avoid myself from being “banned” for purchasing further kitchen appliances, I found time for the white elephant – the bread maker. Much as I enjoy breads more than cakes, I still prefer the breads made through manual kneading rather than from the machine. At least I can have a feel of the window pane test. Or probably I just have not found the right recipe to go along with the bread maker. Or probably I need to spend more time understanding it. Instead of a plain white loaf, I got a bread that feels and tastes like a baguette. It will go along nicely with a pot of curry I guess but else, I just finished the mutton rendang earlier. So I sliced them into bite sizes, topped with butter, coated with lotsa sugar, dipped into the oven and here is it….
It tastes great when it’s fresh out from the oven with all the melted butter and sugar. But having left there to stand for the night, the bread turns hard. I start to wonder whether what the sales who sold me the bread maker makes sense, the machine is meant more for the european people because they can make rye bread and stuffs like that with it which are less found in Asian context. But stubborn me refuse to heed and insist on getting one. Ok, I shall stop here. If Mr Chunky reads about it, I will really be banned from buying further.
This is not such a long post after all, right ? Hiaks. 


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     Hi Ann, thanks ! Your blog is very nice also, especially all the good food you cooked !

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    i also like the idea of the house in such scenario..i think sometimes we are just probably getting bored with city life/hectic lifestyles that we are dreaming of some nice faraway serene places. I cant remember exactly that your house decor..was it something like a english cottage theme? I also have a breadmaker at home, i use it occasionally but i prefer to do it in a mixer so that i can feel the dough, sometimes the bread did not turn out as good could also be due to the recipe..but i still find a breadmaker machine a very helpful appliance. 

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    Hi Lena, yes the house decor is a simple country/cottage theme. I also prefer to use a mixer to knead the bread dough, somehow can gauge the doneness better. Yeah, probably I haven't found a good recipe to go with the bread maker, hopefully I can put it to good use soon. Thanks for reading my blog !

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    Hi Joyce, I love your blog. The photos are really beautiful. Would like to add you in my blog list :)I want to thank you for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate.

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