My First 3D Fondant Figurine

I must admit I haven’t been diligently baking… hmm…all because of a 54-episodes Korean drama which kept me captivated for so long. Took me a pain-stakingly 4-weeks before I finished the entire show yesterday. A show filled with laughter and cries. I haven’t been watching Korean dramas for a couple of years already, but this show really touched my heart again. The mine-type of show I like. Now that I have finished it, I actually felt a sense of lost. Hmm.. Ok… I think I am going to go ga-ga over Korean dramas once again… :Þ
To make up for that feeling of lost, I attempted my first 3D fondant. I did not bake anything to go with it, coz I thought I would like to have some practise first before I really engage a cake to go along. I have some practices with 2D fondant sometime back and the effect was good. However, the taste of the sugar fondant does not really appeal to me, but the matt finish of it does enhance the cake by looking neater… Not to mention the vibrant colours and the varieties of stuffs you can do with it. But the effort involved is really a “no-wonder” that justifies the cost for one such cake. 
Since it’s just a quick practise session, I did not engage my own colours. I bought Wilton ready-made fondant which comes in 4 different pastel colours in a pack So with limited shades and tools, I came up with this….
Tadah !
This idea is adapted from the book of 1000 Ideas for Decorating Cupcakes, Cakes and Cookies by Sandra Salamony and Gina M Brown.
Well, since it’s quite an impromptu creation and with inadequate resources and tools, I have to utilise whatever is available. That explains for the heart-shaped sugar as the eyes and a chocolate chip for the nose. My very first piece of 3D fondant ! Hope there will be more to come…


Enjoy fondanting !!!


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    Hi Joyce!I happen to chance upon your blog while browsing the net for more cake decorating ideasMust say you have a very cute looking fondant bear there ! :)Looking forward to see more creations from you!

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    wow, the teddy bear looks so cute! =)

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    this is excellent work , Joyce..hard to believe that it's your 1st 3D attempt!  you even got a ribbon for it! cute!

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    That is why i dont want to watch Korea drama, one episod by another one, forgot all normal activities, hehehe..Nice fondant works!

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     Wow… my dearbakes… your creations are so much nicer !!! Mine fades in comparison to your fondant works. You are such a professional.

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     Yes, korean dramas are just so addictive sometimes ! Thanks for the compliment !

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