Cotton Candy Ice Cream (Baskin Robbins)

Ever since I had this in Aussie a couple of years back, the lingering taste has never failed to leave an impression on me. Even as many competitors came out with the same favour, but nothing could match up to this at all. Doesn’t the purplish pink colour brightens up the day as well.
~~ Presenting to you……Cotton Candy Ice Cream from Baskin Robbins ~~
Ok, it does look gross but it certainly melts fast, even before I could take a decent shot. Ever since Baskin Robbins came to Singapore, I have been enquiring about the cotton candy favour. However, times and again, I failed to catch a glimpse of it. It’s either limited in production or simply not fated with me.
Came this saturday, I was elated when I saw it at the Novena outlet. Cotton Candy, I SCREAM! It has indeed been a long wait for you. :)
The other favour is Strawberry Cheesecake. It’s nice too, but cotton candy is still the best of the best ! I hope it will not be a seasonal favour. Let it be there all year round, please.



  1. we hv baskin robbins here..i hope they have this and i can try!

  2. haha, since my son have grown into a young adult, we have not had Baskin Robbins ice cream for ages. I guess it is worth a trip to the mall to the yummy looking cotton candy ice cream you showed here.

  3. Hi Joyce, i rem u attend richard goh classes. Are all his classes hand on or demo only. I am interested in stage 3 n 4.

  4. Thank you, Joyce!

  5. Hi Joyce,Thank you for leaving your lovely comment on my site. Nice to know thru blogging :)Will add you in my blog list.

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