All About Pineapple Tarts

This is a post about pineapple tarts, for pineapple tarts and all about pineapple tarts. Having self cooked pineapple paste and making pineapple tarts on various occasions over the years, I realise “simple” is the best ! I am going to share my two cents worth on making pineapple tarts here.
Simple No. 1 : There are many variations of cooking pineapple paste recipes. Some called for the additions of cloves, cinnamon sticks, pandan leaves, star anise, etc etc. After going through many experiments, my most preferred pineapple paste consists of just pineapples and sugar and this is already so good enough ! :)
Simple No. 2 : There are many types of pineapples in the market. I used to think that “branded” brands like Dole Pineapples are the best because they advertise themselves as the sweetest pineapples. And they are bigger and more expensive too. However, my preferences now are actually those smaller no-frills and cheap pineapples that used to cost 3 for $1. However, you can only get one for $1.40-$1.50 now. They have less “eyes” and brown spots than the branded ones and have less juice, so it’s easier to drain and cook them and they taste equally good.
Simple No. 3 : Egg wash is good for pineapple balls like above picture. They make the little balls shine like gold ! However, egg wash on open tarts will not turn out as nice due to the uneven surface application from the imprint and a smaller area being washed. And I learnt from a radio programme recently that unless you add a few drops of yellow colouring, the cookie base of open tarts will usually appear in an uneven tone colour if they are being egg washed. My personal preference for open tarts will usually be that like the below picture, colour tone of butter cookie without any egg washed.


Simple No. 4 : Making pineapple balls is definitely more worth it especially if you are giving away as gifts ! The amount of pineapple paste used in one open tart is equivalent to at least 4 to 5 closed tarts. It’s easier to pack the little balls into containers as well as their shapes are standard in size and is held by a paper cup, unlike open tarts where the shapes make it difficult to pack them nicely into some narrow-opening containers. More so if your open tarts held a high butter content, the tender cookie base will flake easily and after some transportation, you will find quite a fair bit of such flakes settling at the bottom of the container.
Lastly, this is not simple anymore and my really really personal preference finds the traditonal red cap containers used to contain chinese new year cookies are so “cheena”. So something different for a change. How do you find the packaging above ? :)
Enjoy baking ya !!


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