Some Cashew Nuts Cookies & Kueh Bahulu

It’s the time of the year where we reflect on the year’s happenings and make resolutions for the new year. Well, I would say this year has not been too good for me, with probably the exception of a new place. But I am definitely glad that the baking therapy has resumed and I am able to find consolation during the process. Everyone has their own ways of healing wounds, so do I. Some eat, some shop, some exercise, some the extreme ways. But nevertheless, all the uneventful happenings had indeed make me stronger, more matured and definitely learning to be less stubborn (this I clarify, am still in learning stage which I must admit relapses quite often, so still trying very hard to find peace within. haha.) 
Other than baking, stitching, coloring has become my new found therapeutic love. Hahaha ! Can you imagine a full-grown adult getting some color pencils and a kiddy coloring book, adding colors to it ? I am not sure why too, but when I do coloring, I can fully concentrate and stay focus. In the process, I found it therapeutic. Hmm.. may sound far-fetched. Maybe should upload some of my coloring works the next time for your laughter ! @-@ Even I can’t understand why coloring make me feels good ! Hahaha ! 
Met up with a long-time friend H, and bake her some of these cashew nuts cookies. Well, I do hope she and her family love these cookies ! We had such a good sharing session that I really feel that as one grows older, friends of such are of extreme importance in our lives. She has her fair share of issues and I must agree that although lives have given us much challenges, but we are blessed to have such friends in times of need and the thought of it brightens up my day ! At least you know you are not alone. And with these, we must learn to count our blessings, treasure what we have, and not grasp on what is lacking.  :)

Ok, enough of the grandmother’s story. Haha ! Back to the cashew nuts cookies. Beneath the nut lies a buttery flaky crust which melts-in-your-mouth. The high butter content justifies for the richness and the flavour well. However, had I not baked these cookies, I would not have realised that there are two kinds of cashew nuts in the market. Called me a mountain tortoise ! Haha, indeed man ! 
Eventually I bought both kinds and tried them out. Much feedback given were that the baked cashew nuts taste better than the roasted ones. The baked cashew nuts are of a pale white colour while the roasted ones are of a darker brown tone and tasted more salty. 
Made a whole lot of these and packed into the newly bought bottles. Oh, on a side note, I love these bottles, because they are generally quite air-tight, looks more lovely than the traditional red caps ones and most importantly, they are reasonably priced at $1.50 for one. :) And yes, the ribbons are newly-bought too ! But I haven’t figure out a way to deal with it yet. Hehehe !

Did I mention I baked some failed kueh bahulu too ? Hahaha. Probably I was in an extremely foul mood when baking these. I must mention, moods swings does play an important part in baking too ! When you are moody and grouchy, you are not able to concentrate well and over-stirring is the end result. Hardy and dry. Poor kueh bahulu… Sorry to make you suffer at the hands of the incompetent baker. :(

A picture to remind myself not to make the same mistake again.  Before this post ends, just an update, I found another therapeutic measure for myself. Planting plants ! I hope this passion can last though. :)
Last but not least, I am sure everyone has their fair share of mid-life crisis now and then. But let’s all continue trying, praying and kudos to a better tomorrow !


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