Finally ! and a Handful of Pineapple Tarts …

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It’s been a good 4 months that I have not been posting anything. Other than the interim move and the final move, there were just so much things to be done. Coordination, renovation, packing & unpacking, cleaning up, shopping for the necessities, the list can go on. 
Finally, we moved into the new place almost a month back. Though more spacious which may seem like a good thing, but the amount of cleaning up increases as well. I guess that’s the price to pay for “upgrading”. But then we didn’t really have a choice there and then. It’s the first new flat that we applied from HDB and at that point of application, rules were such that we were only allowed for upgrading. So we put in a ballot position and somehow, we got it by a tweak of luck.
Nevertheless, a new place is always nice, I guess. I love the height, the convenience and the new environment. With a cosy country theme that was laid for the house, I certainly hope that can motivate me to keep up with the maintenance and cleanliness.
Here are a few shots of the new place :
Starting off with the kitchen…
Because the household shelter opens in the kitchen and that really limits the space I can do in the area, so this layout is the best I can think of. Even though it’s just a month into here, but look at the messiness of the place !
Due to limited work area, so I had another area of the kitchen filled with additional cabinets and worktop. 
A whole lot of stuffs, microwave, food processor, bread maker and rice cooker.
Some kitchen details :
Now the dining area…
Yes, there’s the dog under the bench. Haha. Her second favourite spot.
And the details…
The Hall :
Finally, the chosen wallpaper for the themed bedroom …..
The gals will love it ! But not the men, I guess. Haha ! As the bedroom is not fully furnished yet, and still in the midst of looking for “sponsors” for bedside and dressing tables, we shall leave that aside for the time being. 
Finally, time for some good baking and get the oven to work. Although it’s still pretty early for the Chinese New Year, here I am baking some pineapple for own’s desire. This is not my first time cooking the pineapple paste and yet I faced the same problem year after year. As I wanted the natural sweetness from the fresh pineapples rather than increasing sugar intake, I cooked the pineapple with the juice for a few hours, allowing the fragrance and sweetness to seep into the grinded pineapples, with the addition of some pandan leaves, cloves and cinnamon sticks and stirring and cooking till they are dry. However, as I leave it to stand, the pineapple paste becomes moist again and makes it difficult to handle. 
I start to wonder, was it because store bought paste are done commercially to the extent that all juice can be totally drained out and they use the addition of sugar and artificials, such that the paste becomes so sweet and dry ? And was it because I am using fresh pineapples, and naturally fresh fruits will have water moisture after standing for sometime ? 
Another issue, I even bought a pineapple slicer to ensure that I cut away the core and the “eyes” of the pineapple nicely this time so that only the fresh good meat of the pineapple are used. There were quite a fair bit of wastage but for the sake of good home-made pineapple tarts, I have no choice. However, the feeling of the pineapple fibre “cutting” the tongue still exists. Anyway to eliminate this ?
Nevertheless, you can really taste that this is home-made pineapple tarts, very different from commercial ones. The flaky melt-in-mouth butter cookie combined with the freshly grinded pineapples paste. 
This is my first-time doing the “enclosed” pineapple tart and I certainly did not do a good job ! It’s really more difficult than the open ones as the liquid in the pineapple paste will cause the dough to tear easily during wrapping. And I guess I lost the pastry brush during the move, the egg wash was not evenly done either, causing the uneven bake tones on the tarts. More practice to go.
Usually I think cloves are used as the stalk in these enclosed tarts. But since cloves are not meant to be eaten on its own and the hassle of removing it before enjoying the tart, I used these heart-shaped candy flakes instead. 
Are the little crack lines symbolic of such enclosed pineapple tarts ?
Enjoy !


  1. Welcome back! your new house is very beautiful!!! i love the theme and your wallpapers!

  2. Nice, small, cute kitchen, but I think the space between the stove and the sink is too narrow. I would like to have something similar, but with slightly more space in between.I like the dining table and the bench. Its something different. Did you design it? Everything is in white, I wonder will it be hard to maintain it?Regards,Sally

  3. hello joyce, how are you? nice to hear from you. It looks like a cottage theme here, very pretty and lovely. I dont hv experience in cooking pineapple jams but i know it involves quite a bit of work. is your pineapple very ripe? I hope i can make my own pineapple jams one day but thinking of the whole process, i might back off!!Ha!

  4. Jess ~ Thanks ! I think yours will be even nicer when the time comes. Hi Sally, I agree that kitchen nowdays in HDB flats are really small. In fact I have already max out the worktop space by having a smaller than average sink, hob and hood. The dining table and bench are bought from a furniture shop in Sungei Kadut. I don't have the talent to design furniture ! Hehe. All the cabinets are in fact made of ash wood and painted in white over. So I have standby some white furniture paint to for touch up should the need arises. :) You planning for your house reno too ?Lena ~ thanks for dropping by even after I have been MIA for so long. :) Does the ripeness of the pineapples affect the moisture level of the paste ? The pineapples are slightly riper than average I think. I bought store bought paste before but the families feel that home made one are nicer. So I try and make my own paste since.

  5. Love you new home, looks great! Seems that you have a complete tools & equipment sets :)

  6. Hello Joyce! Nice to hear from you again! Like the theme of your new house, the kitchen is super beautiful :)

  7. I love your little details in this country kitchen!!! What decor!! Good taste ;) and you are so organised for CNY already!

  8. DG ~ Yeah but some of the equipment has since become white elephants ! For display purposes only ! Hehe. Ah Tze ~ Thanks ! But somehow the original idea of the kitchen I wanted is different from this one. But still acceptable, I guess. :)Daphne ~ Thanks for your compliments ! But I think only we gals will appreciate such decor. Don't you think so ? The men will not get it ! :)

  9. oh my I love the country decor! although I absolutely love white, I think i'll die from all the cleaning ;p and the wallpaper is soooooo pretty! mind sharing where you got it from? thanks :D

  10. Janine ~ yes, it's really tiring to upkeep the "whiteness" of the place especially I have a BLACK DOG !! @-@The wallpaper is bought from this shop at 225 Lavendar Street. This is the website

  11. Hi Joyce,I plan to have my kitchen renovated sometime later. But I got some idea of the renovation after looking at your kitchen. Something small and cute. My kitchen is bigger than yours, but I like all things small and cute. Less hassle for cleaning up :).However, I am totally in love with your dining table and I plan to ask the furniture maker to custom make one for me. I don't live in Singapore and therefore will not be able to get it from Sungei Kadut.If you don't mind, could you let me know the width and length of your dining table?Sally

  12. Congrats to ur new house! I love ur all white country theme kitchen.

  13. Hi Sally, sorry for the late reply. Was kept extremely busy. The measurements of my dining table is 170cm by 90cm. Hope this helps you in your reno planning. Angel ~ Thanks for your compliments !

  14. Hi Joyce,No worries about that. Thanks for sharing the info with me. I appreciate it a lot.Hope you have a good weekend.Regards,Sally

  15. Congrats to your new place. It is very lovely and cozy.

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