Orange Macademia Muffins with Sliced Almonds

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Finally got myself a new built-in oven ! I have been eyeing one for the longest time ever… and just 2 weeks ago, finally put my heart down in getting one !
To test out the oven temperature and heat sensitivity in cake baking, I started off with these muffins as they are small and easily baked. And I must say it’s the first time that all muffins turn out to be of an evenly brown tone, unlike my previous ovens where some muffins nearer to the side will get browned more easily than those at the centre of the rack. The heat distribution is even and with the spacious capacity, I can easily pop in 3 trays of cookies to bake at one shot.
Have I ever mentioned that macademias are of all, my favourite type of nuts ? But they are so freaking expensive in Singapore. So on my last trip to Aussie, I grabbed one big pack of it at a fraction of the price here. They definitely serve well in bakes with their crunchiness and fragrance.
However I find the muffins too plain looking on the surface, I added some sliced almonds on the top to make it look more interesting !


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