Durian & Custard Cream Puffs

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Supposedly to be a “not-so-difficult” pastry, I actually took 3 tries before I got it right ! Can you imagine the disappointment when after the 3rd attempt, I was liked, “forget it, I am not going to try again”! It’s just so exasperating when you see failed attempts once and again. And the “best” part is, I followed 2 different recipes to the T and yet the results was equally disappointing !
I remember from a demo class before that this choux pastry has to be of a certain texture and at the right consistency before you know you are on the right track. But for the first attempt using a full recipe that requires 4 eggs, I know somewhere is wrong after the addition of eggs. The texture is simply too watery. Initially I thought it was due to the eggs size. So on the second attempt, I reduced the number of eggs by 1 to 3. But the results was equally the same – too watery. So on the 3rd attempt, not wanting to waste more ingredients, I halved the recipe and proceed with only 1 egg. The texture was slightly better, less watery, but still, not the right consistency.
On the verge of giving up, I searched the internet for other recipes….. and finally….. there is success !
I always love to have an abundance of filling in the dough… whether it’s the bread or the puffs now ! As I have only very little durians left due to previous failed attempts, I can only scrimp enough to whip up some cream with it and filled up less than a handful of durian puffs…Can you tell which is the one with durian and which is the one with custard ?
The one on the back, left-hand side is the durian cream puff. The others are custard cream puffs. I will definitely make these again when I have more durians next time. They are simply delicious after being chilled !
Recipe adapted from Florence. Thanks for sharing such a great recipe !


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    CONGRATS! (: luckily you didnt give up! i love durian puff with lots of fillings too. YUMMY! (:

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    can understand how frustrated it can be! this happened to be a lot of times, If it's a simple recipe, then i dont mind doing that again. Now your 3rd time, they look much more than successful, they are perfect!!

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    Thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. These puffs look yummy and no regrets for 3rd attempt. Good job!

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    Thanks Jasmine !Lena ~ Yes, I am glad I did not give up too ! At least I get to enjoy the final product !… Heehee.Cheah ~ Yes, no regrets ! Thanks for your compliments.

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    delicious puffs! you would never stop at one! the durian one is the one at the back right?

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    congrats on the successful find! i would take one of each ( durian and custard) pls!

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    These puffs are so perfect! Good that you persist and reap these wonderful rewards now!

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    congrats! looks so yummy Joyce :)

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    well done :) great that you'd found a recipe which you find workable :)

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    Yes Jess, the durian one is on the back left hand side. You are right, you really can't stop at one !Crustabakes ~ Thanks ! You can have as many as you want ! Heehee !Zoe ~ I am glad too ! But it's really tiring after all the tries !Alice ~ Thanks for your compliments !Travellingfoodies ~ Yes, I am so glad I found a good recipe too. The world of internet really makes wonders !

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    Wow your puff definitely looks better than Goodwood Park's! mmmmm… mouth watering.

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    This looks absolutely gorgeous! Did you pipe the pastry onto the baking sheet, or dropped it with a spoon? 

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    Hi Michelle, I just dropped the pastry with a spoon. 

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