One Dough, Three Breads, One Day !

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I think I made the most number of individual breads in one day today ! Three kinds of flavours, almost an hour of moulding and an extremely greedy dog who gobble up a piece of the unbaked dough ! As I was lacking of space in the little kitchen, I had place one of the baking trays on a chair and the dog just hopped over and help herself to a piece of the dough. And else, it’s an unbaked piece. I heard that raw yeast are bad for dogs, especially for mine who is allergic to yeast. I really hope this little piece will not do any harm to her ! 
Tuna Onion Bread
Very often when I make bread, I will try to use up whatever ingredients I have left in the house. There was a can of tuna which has been left standing in the cupboard for a long time already…. so here comes the tuna onion bread…
A quantity of the sweet bun dough with “Ayam brand” tuna. I stirred fry the tuna with some diced onions and  dash of black pepper to add taste to it, topped with some shredded parsely as well.
A note to take while wrapping the tuna ~ as there is oil content in the canned tuna, do note to seal it completely, else the tuna will leak during baking. Also, as the tuna is quite “wet”, do not attempt to wrap too much of the tuna in one bread, else you will have difficulty when attempting to seal.
Egg Mayonnaise Bread with Streusel Toppings
I think I need to be more generous with the mayonnaise. Also, I heard that hard boiled eggs should be 80% cooked, instead of 100%. Is it true ? Mine was 100%, so I guess it was overcooked ?
But I guess the streusel topping was a gem which quite make up for the lack of taste in the egg mayo. The topping was a simple combination of butter, sugar and bread flour.
This was the most mini bun that I have ever made. It was a mere 15g of dough. An 8-inch square baking tray can accomodate up to 25 of these.
Has anyone patronise the “Bunnies” bakery in Chinatown where they sells only multiple favours of mini buns in quantity of 6 at $1.30? This size is quite similar to what this bakery offers.
Coconut Buns
This is not new. I think I baked these not long ago too as in my previous posts. I wanted to make the curry potatoes buns initially but I didn’t had quite enough time to cook the potatoes and as I still have some leftover shredded coconut from the previous oneh-oneh, so I made use of the remaining dough for these coconut buns. Second to the curry, coconut is my next all-time favourite !


  1. Looks very fluffy and yummilicious. I wanna be your neighbour. Then I can have nice bread and bakes. *drool

  2. wow, Bakertan said it all, so I'll second that: "yummilicious"!

  3. All your breads look so soft and fluffy!

  4. OMG! joyce! all the bread look so soft, fluffy and flavourful!!!

  5. I love the one of with tuna filling :) Look so tempting!

  6. what can i say? divination is the word!

  7. they look delicious, soft fluffy texture too!

  8. This looks yummy….you have a lovely blog…I am having a giveaway in my blog..Y dont you check and join that

  9. Those breads look amazing, I'm hungry now :D

  10. Bakertan ~ If you are my neighbour, I would want some of your fantastic bakes too !Dmarie, Small Small baker, Sweetylicious, Min, Jess, Alice, Aarthi and Ben ~ Thanks all for your encouraging compliments !

  11. You bake all these all in ONE day. You must be a super-home baker.

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