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I must say there are quite a few variations to this little indonesian snack. There are some who like the filling as the gula melaka only and there are those who like the filling with grated coconut. So I started asking many people which exactly should be the authentic kind and gathered various opinions. At home, we like it with the sweetened grated coconut filling with the exception of my dad who preferred the otherwise. I asked an indonesian helper and was told they like it with gula melaka. The reason why I preferred it in grated coconut is that it doesn’t get messy when eating it. I don’t really fancy the idea of the “liquid” bursting out everywhere as we munch into it.
So what exactly is your preference ?
I haven’t been blogs-visiting recently. There explains for the lack of posts too. I didn’t even realise that blogger was down for the whole of yesterday ! Yes, I have become that ignorant ! Probably also because I was splitting time for stitching recently too. But I have not given up on visiting baking supplies stores and replenishing new moulds from time to time. Heehee. But whether I have the time to utilise them or not seems a different story entirely. Many a times, we just buy on impulse or for that moment’s of lovingly passion. That’s woman, isn’t it ?…. Heehee.
Actually I have some leftover of grated coconut from the bread making couple of weeks back. That’s why ondeh-ondeh came into my mind. But I realised something interesting ~ the taste was not that defined upon eating it warm, say like 10 minutes after it is done. But as I left it to cool till room temperature, the taste became more enhanced, richer and nicer. Then after I left it to chill in the fridge and immediately consume it right after taking out, it wasn’t as ‘Q’ as when it was at room temperature. So I conclude that this is quite best eaten at room temperature. So upon chilling in fridge, leave it till room temperature before enjoying this little snack!
This is how the interior of the ondeh-ondeh looks like. I love it on a thin skin with abundant filling.
Recipe adapted from Agnes Chang’s [Hawkers Delights] with modifications :
Skin :
240g glutinuous rice flour
120ml hot water
2 tbsp thick pandan juice
2 tbsp sugar
coconut milk (enough to mix)
1 tbsp oil
few drops green colouring
Filling :
150-200g white grated coconut
90g gula melaka, chopped (I increased to 200g as I like it sweet! So it’s up to individual.)
3 tbsp water
1 piece pandan leaf, knotted
1/3 salt
1 tbsp corn flour, mixed with 1 tbsp water for thickening
To coat (mixed and steamed):
200g grated white coconut
1/2 tsp salt
Method :
1. Pour the hot water into the glutinuous rice flour and mix. Add in the other ingredients for skin until it forms a soft dough.
2. Form small balls with the dough and fill a little filling inside and seal up.
3. Put into half pot of boiling water and boil until it floats up. Dish and drain. Coat with grated coconut. Serve hot or cold.


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