Yogurt Cheesecake, Coconut and Curry Buns

This is my first time using a steam baked method to bake a cheesecake. The cream cheese content in this cake is not very rich and the texture is more like a light cheesecake than anything. However, not sure whether I did it right or not, or I was busy juggling with the bread at the same time, the cake was fluffy at the top half but bottom half texture was a tad dense as compared to the top. Was it underbaked ? I didn’t realise this problem till the cake has completely cooled and cut. But the taste was quite refreshing and good, as I had added a pinch of grated lemon zest and some fresh lemon juice.

I shall not be posting the recipe here, until I am sure I get the cake in the right texture. :)


Coconut and Curry Buns

When it comes to bread, I grew up savoring on asian breads with much local taste like red bean, coconut, curry, kaya, etc. Only in recent times, bakeries has evolved to such a stage to serve bread ideas that comes from varied tastes all over the world. But still, the local favourites are not to be forgotten ! So today, I decided to heap on some coconut and curry buns ! It was not an east task though ! I had to prepare all the filling prior to the preparation of the bread dough ! For the previous buns I made, I only used ready ingredients, and this time is much much different and time consuming ! Luckily HB has given some help in cooking both the coconut and curry filling today !

Freshly baked from the oven…. Before you move down, can you guess which favour is this ?

Yes, it’s coconut ! Yum yum… Abundant thick juicy sweet coconut filling. This is the advantage of making own buns ~ Did you notice the coconut filling is more than the bread ! It’s more like eating sweet grated coconut instead of eating a bun. Haahaa.
Curry filling squeezed to the brim. Abundantly filled till it’s oozing out. Heehee. I am a sucker when it comes to curry ! The more the better !


  1. WOW!! so many lovely bakes! (: (: for the cheesecake, if im not wrong, is underbaked. did you send it in for baking right after you pour the batter in the pan? still the cheesecake look so light and cottony!the curry bun look so lovely, flavourful and delicious! i want it for my breakfast :D so YUMMY!! GREAT JOB!

  2. Sweetylicious ~ Yes, I send it for baking right after pouring into the pan ! I agree it's underbaked as well. :( Neverthless, I shall try making it again next time.

  3. is the cheesecake a cotton cheese cake?if yes i tried that kind of cake out a few days ago.:)

  4. the cheesecakes still looks very nice despite the problem you said and the breads..just wow!!

  5. lovely cheesecake and i love all the buns you had made! yummy!

  6. i love all!!! yum yum! :P

  7. Your cheese cake looks fine in the photo. Won't know that it is underbaked if you did not say so. I love your buns, they looks so light and fluffy. Filling more than buns, that's fine with me:D

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