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As can be seen from the tabs above, I will be introducing new pages to the blog. The various sections will display what I have been doing in that small corner of the house, namely the kitchen and also as we have been dining out quite frequently nowdays, so the Food Reviews page is something that cannot do without.
Recipes = As the name suggests, it is self-explanatory what it will be all about.
Food Reviews = Same as above.
In My Food = Food stuffs, Ingredients that we use to prepare our daily food. Classified according to its use such as Cooking, Baking, Marinating…
In My Storage = Introduces food items that we eat and drink in our daily lives. Can range from anything from our simply daily bread to exotic beverages to premium chocolates.
In My Kitchen = Going to let my imagination run wild for this ! Any cutlery, tools, equipments that are useful, fanciful, chic, that I supplement my kitchen with.


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    Love your new page! So sweet!

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    Thanks thanks wen ! Finally my many days of effort has piad off… Someone has said nice ! Yoo hoo… ^-^

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