In My Storage : Grilled Cuttlefish

It’s another Chinese New Year snack that I have been stocking up ~ Grilled Cuttlefish ! The smell is terrible when you open up the pack, in fact, it stinks ! But the taste is so desirable. Sweet, salty, crispy and spicy, to those who loves this snack. In supermarkets, you see them selling this in big tins with only a miserable small pack of cuttlefish in it. Very often, you are paying for the tins which look quite ugly and quite redundant. So we made a trip down to Defu Lane where the factory is located and buy in wholesale packs which is so much cheaper. $20 for 500g. Where to find ? The lady selling this was kind-hearted enough to give a gentle reminder ~ Please do more exercise after indulging in this snack. Yes, it’s very sinful. ^-^ 

Grilled Cuttlefish can be purchased from :
Tee Soon Seng Trading
26 Defu Lane 10 #01-190


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